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The Importance of Traditions
Europeia's Foundation

Written by Xecrio

Each day has variable significance. On one day we may follow the ordinary routine, whatever that may be, whilst on others, plans go out of the window and we end up having an adventure we never dreamed we could have. Yes, this is a game, but for me and you perhaps, it has become an integral part of our daily lives. Take that how you will, but it shows that when something becomes integrated, it must become important. In today's society there appears to be a necessity to have something to do. A humans the amount we get bored is rather ridiculous as as such we have created days where the usual becomes the unusual. The same can be said right here in Europeia. While we often go about our daily tasks, not thinking about what lies ahead, we forget the traditions that we have established. As humans we often find it easy to become bored, as such the usual becomes the unusual. When something starts out, the excitement that flows in or brains can be significant of what is to come. I'm fairly sure the founders of Europeia felt a sense of euphoria when ideas began flowing through each of their heads.

If there's one thing I've learned in my life, it's that traditions are of utmost importance. Sure, some may be forgotten as they fade away with time, others stick with us forever and we don't give them enough respect. This is the same in Europeia. There are parts about Europeia in March 2007 that are no longer around in January 2020. The Presidency, a distant but not forgotten memory that has slowly been replaced with the emergence of the first minister. if there's one region that has traditions, it's this one.

Let's start with something simple. Elections. As a republic, Europeia has long since had elections. General elections and first minster/presidential elections being the most common. Why is this tradition important? Surely this convention which has evolved over time is not a tradition? It is, and that's what makes it so important. Aside from being an integral part of Europeian life, it also informs us of the democracy we have, the republic and why it must be preserved. Elections are not easy. The time is takes to set them up, notice you've made a mistake and then re-start them is a real pain, yet there is always a constant reminder that while yes, things are not always straightforward, it is our resilience that keeps these traditions going. That's one thing I am truly proud of Europeia for.

Secondly, ministries. While various ministries have come and gone, the principle is still there in upholding the region. The tradition of having cabinet ministries is not unusual to any NationStates region, however the formality may be. The fact the cabinet is appointed, not elected, plus the fact that each member has their own roles is illustrative of this tradition and why it is important. We could strip and remove the cabinet tomorrow. Why don't we? The republic demands it a long established tradition cannot simply be taken away because surely the foundation, the base would crumble. The same can be said about any tradition, some wither away, some are rooted in the causes of society. The cabinet is a place of intelligence, partnership and cooperation, so much so that it must be preserved or else we risk an unnecessary collapse.

Thirdly, the Senate can be seen as a tradition. An assumption is made that Europeia used to be a monarchy, so the senate may not have always been around, like the previously mentioned traditions also. However, the citizens that have served honourably in the senate and made a career for themselves have set a prestige upon the senate, defining it as a place of debate. There are names that could be mentioned who hold this title, but this article is not for that. Instead there must be a consensus that the senate has now become an established tradition. The functions of the senate are of little difference to that of real world governments. If real world governments can be seen as a tradition, then why can't Europeia's? This tradition hosts an important role in keeping Europeia afloat. The passage of new laws, the Administration Act for instance, the amending of previously passed legislation, The Mens Rea Act, and the repealing of legislation such as The Forum Administration act, all are key in ensuring that Europeia can stand on two feet.

Lastly, we move on to cultural traditions. Europeia has a longstanding history of culture, and it is only fitting that those cultural traditions are mentioned here. In terms of direct Europeian culture, the Ministry of Culture has played a traditional role in setting up this culture. Most recently, the Yule Ball. This ministry has also worked hard in the return of theme week, gauntlet games, and of course weekend games. A fun end to the week where Europeian's can get together and play games. This too should be seen as a tradition, for Europeian's to have fun. Roleplay is another example of this, and while it is not very common in Europeia, the times it is show that this tradition is still active. Debate has characterised Europeia's forum, RMB and discord for years, it has opened people's eyes to new perspectives, helped people develop knowledge as therefore should be treated as one of Europeia's oldest traditions. Europeia has potentially begun a new tradition by partaking in UCR con, a regional gathering, for the first time in 2019. Europeia's influence with WALL and the WA can be seen as a cultural tradition. Our large WA numbers mean it is easier for WA legislation to sway in the favour of many Europeians. Foreign affairs is another cultural tradition. Namely the tradition of sending seasons greetings and invites when the time is right. The ministry of communications also plays a key part in these cultural traditions with articles. It can be seen as tradition for Europeian's to remain informed of what is going on inside the region and elsewhere is NationStates Game Play. The newly established four columns will become a tradition for future ministers of communications to follow. Lastly, real life events such as birthdays, christmas and mental health month characterise these cultural traditions. If we stood without these, we must ask ourselves, "where would we be?"

Traditions are important. That's fairly agreeable I would say. It is the importance of these traditions which must be debated. However, while this list is not conclusive, the traditions which this article mentions are foundations of this republic. Without them, we cannot and shall not stand undefeated, our own weight will fall upon us if we strive to remove any of these key traditions. The senate, in holding the regional legislation together and Europeia's cultural traditions in holding the citizenship together in fun and games, cannot be much further apart but they are necessarily conjoined as the key traditional development in Europeia. As I close this article off, I ask you to ask yourself, "Where would we be without traditions?"


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Great write up Xecrio, a fascinating topic to pick! I think these traditions are what helps to establish Europeia as a community, rather than just a political game for me - hell there's even holidays to mark occasions in its rich history! Thank you for sharing this.