[At Home In Europeia] Getting to Know Europeians - Prim

Getting to Know Europeians - Prim
An interview with Prim

Written by Forilian

In an effort to let everyday Europeians know more about their fellow citizens, Getting to Know Europeians is an interview project that asks Europeians casual questions about themselves. This is the fifth issue of this project, and you can expect more of these in the coming days and weeks!

Prim joined the region in January 2018; however, his NationStates (NS) journey started many, many years ago. Prim first joined NS in 2003, when he searched up political simulators. He played until 2006, then took a decade-long break until 2017, when he became a stay-at-home father. "After a few months of being at home by myself all day, I needed some social outlet, so I rejoined NS and received a telegram from Europeia. It seemed the most serious, political region among the TGs, so I wandered in and stayed." To start out in the region, he helped the Ministry of Culture with the 2017 EuroChoice awards.

After President Rach's resignation, then-minister Writinglegend became Vice President, and Prim became minister of culture. While this term was an abbreviated one, it still featured two major events: a festival with Osiris, and a Founding Day festival. This term also saw a continuation of weekend games. Prim said he "learned about managing scarce human resources," as "there was a huge lack of staff back then." In fact, this was a main reason why Prim, a relatively fresh face in the ministry of culture, was nominated to the position after merely a month in the region.

After a term as minister of culture, HEM ran for president and asked Prim to be his minister of interior. Prim took a brief break after serving as minister, and eventually returned to the ministry of interior for another term and a half following a resignation from the new minister.

This was also around the time when Prim started his career in the Senate. According to him, he first ran for Senate after his idea for structural changes "fizzled." However, he discovered during this term that he enjoyed the legislative discussions and working on legislation, and returned to the Senate for multiple terms.

In July 2019, Prim decided to run for chief of state with UnitedPeoplesofCentrism (UPC) as his running mate. According to him, he ran for two main reasons: “I had been working on the FA side of things for about 6 months at that point, mainly in WAA and Navy, so I was getting more involved in FA policy -- but the immediate motivation was because I had only heard of one person who was interested in running, so I wanted to create a competitive election. It turned out that other person didn't end up running, so it wasn't competitive either way."

"I chose UPC because I believe in supporting promising newcomers -- and because, out of the 3 Councilors I was nominating, I felt that UPC would have the time and motivation to give the job 100% and grow from it. That turned out not to be true, [as] he ended up disappearing shortly after college started for him."

Prim noted that a major obstacle in his term was the lack of staff. He said that he had "almost no options willing to serve in one department, and in the other, the main option got sniped for a Domestic Ministry." In fact, Prim said that this term solidified his opposition to the executive split. In terms of high and low points in his term, Prim listed successfully defending The East Pacific from the Fedele Coup as the high point, while the low point was having to withdraw Maowi's nomination as councillor for world assembly affairs. Prim also added that "you don't need vast knowledge of Foreign Affairs to advance on the FA side of things."

Prim then held two terms as mayor of Arnhelm, in January and July. In January, Prim ran for mayor "to get legislative things moving and patched up," while in July it was "to stand firm against any Senate intrusion and get some projects kicked off (like the newsletter publication, and some political party ideas)."

Prim is often referred to as a "legal eagle" in the region, being very familiar with Europeian law. Prim said that while he "[does] know how our laws work and interact," due to having "read and heavily studied most, if not all, of the laws we had" during the executive split discussion, he is not sure whether he would call himself a legal eagle. He added that he has "been involved in several legal issues over the past year or two which helped deepen that knowledge and ability to interpret and connect various aspects of our laws together."

When asked for advice to newcomers, Prim advised them to "get involved, show interest, bring up ideas, and always be willing to learn."

We look forward to seeing you reach higher heights, Prim. Thank you for your contributions to the region!



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I remember conducting an interview like this one with Prim, way back when he was a newcomer. It's nice to compare the two articles and see the differences and all the work Prim has achieved in those two short years.


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Great article! It was also very cool to read back through the article Lime linked and compare.