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Hezekon’s Biography

By Forilian

In an effort to let everyday Europeians know more about their fellow citizens, Getting to Know Europeians is a project that interviews Europeians, and asks them casual questions about their Europeian selves. This is the first try of this project, and you can expect more of these in the coming days and weeks!

Hezekon is our current Minister of Communications and Second Minister. He joined the region in March of 2019, and pretty soon became Deputy for Roleplay under then-Minister of Culture Lloenflys. After this, he joined the Ministry of Communications, and wrote a series of articles that gained him attention. When Lloenflys was elected as first minister, Hezekon gained a position in his cabinet as the minister of communications. This continued into First Minister Pichtonia’s term, after which Hezekon stepped down to be an advisor to his successor, Maowi. He then took a hiatus, and returned to the ministry during Xecrio (Nate)’s term, and was hired by Minister for Communications Istillian. When Istillian ran for first minister, he chose Hezekon to be his second minister, and when the duo won Hezekon became Minister of Communications again.

According to Hezekon, someone in Europeia (he was not sure who, as the telegram was auto-deleted due to the telegram cap) sent him a telegram to join Europeia. He roleplayed for a while on the regional message board, then joined the Ministry of Communications on advice by a player who has now left the region, recombis. He was one of two active writers at the time, the other being Astrellan.

At the time, former Minister of Communications Vinage Vinage had just resigned and disappeared. The candidate appointed to be the successor, recombis, was rejected by the Senate due to a variety of concerns, mainly activity issues. With less than two weeks left in the term by that point, then First Minister Rand decided to hold the nomination until the next term. The Ministry, at that point, was lacking leadership; there was no Minister, since Vinage Vinage resigned, and recombis had also left. Hezekon became one of the main sources of activity in the Ministry. During this time, he wrote articles on the situation of the Ministry, such as this one.

During his first two terms as minister of communications, Hezekon managed to increase activity in the ministry of communications, bringing the ministry from near-death to a flourishing state. However, he didn’t have much help. “Since there wasn't a previous MinComm at that time (Vinage Vinage had resigned without training anyone in his stead), so I was moving along with help from people like Deepest House, Lloenflys (as my FM), and Kuramia." During this term, he also learned some important lessons. These include the precarious balance between assigning someone something and asking them to do something, the art of assigning someone a piece based on their interest, and when to delegate. These skills have massively helped him in managing an entire ministry.

Hezekon enjoyed his time in these leadership roles; they have helped him find his strength in this ministry. He enjoys working with his staff writers and managing directors, whom, according to him, "make [his] job as MinComm so much easier." Although, according to Hezekon, during his first term as minister of communications, "[he] enjoyed [his] time as a writer more than as manager," he still enjoys his job, and hopes to continue to play a leadership role in the ministry for the rest of the term.

When asked, Hezekon said that he is not interested currently in a higher position than Second Minister, such as Chief of State or First Minister. This is because he does not believe he has the time or motivation to manage such a position. He is considering a run for Senate during the next general election, but that depends on the activity level then.

Hezekon gave the following advice to new players:

“Get in the ministries. Don't overexert yourself so you burn out, but get involved and learn about the region from talking with people. Move around and learn about the space. Try some things out. Know you will fail. But keep trying.”

Hezekon also wanted the EBC to include two messages with this article, which is to vote, and to join the Ministry of Communications.


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Awesome article Fori! And it's great to hear from Hez and about his time so far in Europeia!


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Hez :pride_heart:

Few Europeians show such a range in character, from batsh*t crazy to calm and serious. That's part of why working with Hez is such a joy, and I'm glad he's getting this spotlight. Thanks Forilian.


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This was interesting! I think we should definitely do more articles like these, and more interviews too.