[At Home in Europeia] Ambition and Reality: From the Shadows


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Ambition and Reality:
From the Shadows

Written by Istillian

Having a short period of leave has certainly provided me with a little bit of perspective, as it does with anyone - the struggles of tempering my political ambition with my actual ability to follow through in the roles I had committed to started creeping into my reality, and when life throws you a big curveball when you've already got a lot on your plate, well, sometimes you can't avoid slipping in the places you wish you didn't have to. For me, making the decision to step down as Minister of Communications and take some time was not one I took lightly at all, particularly as this was something I was very passionate about achieving; only now I find myself eager to get back into Europeia in the free moments I have, and it's got me thinking of the others that may have had similar experiences.

Seeing the changes that have happened in our region over the last month and a half is absolutely surreal, and it's difficult knowing the camaraderie I was building and had built with people hasn’t been maintained. The roles I put my time, energy, and enthusiasm into has been cast away to be built upon again once more in an unknown future. Even looking at Discord is terrifying, the amount of updates, conversations, and general information that has come out in a little while is exorbitant; I truly don't have the time to take it all in. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that what has stood out to me when looking through some highlights and updates, is that many other people have taken a leave of absence, resigned from their positions, or reduced activity; both recently, and in the last few months. Many have also come back after a long period of leave - so whether this is due to real life demands and life changes, executive burnout, or recent holidaying, one thing remains the same, many big contributors take time away from Europeia at some point in their careers.

So what of these others like me that reduce their activity levels? How do people come back to Europeia with the same drive and enthusiasm, when it has moved past the point that you left it; the citizens that love Europeia and want to have a place here despite their real life limitations. I imagine that most understand that when life lets them, they will step up their work ethic, join what interests them and commit to the things they are truly able to commit to, and they will then allow their ambition, energy, and drive to flourish across our region once more - but I'm afraid for us if there is anyone who does not know this.

For those that can’t be here for whatever reason and want to, I feel for you. For those that are weighing up the decision to come back, please don’t hesitate. If you need to push the law for a time by posting once every so often to keep your citizenship, then I plead you to do it; I have been lucky enough to be able to log on to our forums regularly enough to keep my citizenship, it is such a quick and easy thing to do. Although if you need to take an extended leave of absence, well, real life truly does come first, there is no shame in that - but you will still be wanted here, and when you find your feet in real life I can assure you that you will likely be stronger and wiser than before. The backing and support of our region has been phenomenally positive for me personally, I can only imagine it would be the same for you.

I don't know when life will let me sail with the Europeian Republican Navy as frequently as I was enjoying - but what if you or I have an evening every few weeks that we’re awake and ready to jump in and fight for Europeia? Then we can fight together proudly. I don't know if I can write every week for the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation, but what if, like now, I have an article at my fingertips that I'd like to share? I'll share it, or at least talk to someone about my ideas. Did you just think of something that could be fun on our forum? Mention it. Our ministers are dying to hear about things that they can implement. Or what if you are on Discord and just want to say hello, or I miss talking to you, or I wish I could contribute the way you do - what then? Write it out for all to see - Europeia wants you! If you are like me, I say - no, I beg - don't hold back, catch up on what you can, when you can. Keep talking to the people that want you around on the forums and elsewhere, and don't let the creative and curious qualities that brought you here flounder when they could impact yours and others lives in a great way. People come and go from Europeia, that is the nature of our region, and I'm sure many of the old guard have seen these patterns before; but if there is still a spark inside of you that wants to do more and be more, either now, in three months, or even three years time - keep it alive and burning.

Right now I am holding back, with all my willpower, the comments and questions that I have on everything that is happening and has happened in the region, as I imagine others are too - I want to ride the political waves alongside you, but it's one small step into the abyss of information and potential commitments that could take over my or your life once more, so I leave you with what I can, and I know that it is enough – and you should know that what you give is enough too. But please, don't retreat fully into the shadows forever, I know I don't intend to. There is always opportunity when you least expect it, and when you can you should grasp on to it with both hands, and leave your mark in Europeian history for those that come next to read it.



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This was a great read, and something that I can relate to on a few different levels as a player who has stayed since 2007 but been through various stages of activity and involvement. Thanks for this article; great work