Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards

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Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards

WHEREAS recent changes to the telegram system modify the previous balance between game-created regions and user-created regions;
WHEREAS it is necessary to protect the sustainable population growth of user-created regions into the longer term;


(1) 'Declaration' refers to this document, the Arnhelm Declaration of Recruitment Standards.

(2) 'Signatory' is defined as any region which has signed and ratified the Declaration, or any component regions of a super-regional entity which has signed and ratified the same.

(3) 'User-created region' is defined as any NationStates region which was at any point founded by a user or player, specifically excluding the regions of The Pacific, The North Pacific, The West Pacific, The South Pacific, The East Pacific, Lazarus, Balder, Osiris and The Rejected Realms.

(4) 'Recruitment' is defined as the sending of telegrams on the NationStates site to encourage nations to move regions or join an alliance of regions.

(5) 'Sending region' is defined as the region for which a nation is carrying out recruitment.

(6) 'Recipient region' is defined as the region in which the recipient of a recruitment message is resident.

(7) 'Satisfactory evidence' is defined as evidence which, on the balance of probabilities, reasonably supports a particular hypothesis.

(8) 'Registrar of Signatories' ('Registrar') is defined as the President of Europeia or nominee of the same.

Recruitment Standards

(9) No Signatory may recruit in another Signatory region without reasonable justification.

Reasonable Justification

(10) Application of Clause 9 shall be suspended when recruiting from regions that fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

a. knowing violation of the provisions of this Declaration; or,
b. in time of war between the sending region and the recipient region.

(11) Reasonable justification expires 3 days after there is satisfactory evidence that the relevant criteria cease to apply, or 30 days after there is no longer satisfactory evidence that the relevant criteria apply, whichever is the sooner.


(12) Any user-created region is eligible to become a Signatory of this Declaration at any time.

(13) This Declaration shall take effect for each Signatory region on the date that it is signed and ratified by the same.

Residual Provisions

(14) The Registrar shall maintain an accurate, publicly accessible copy of the Declaration and an up-to-date list of Signatories.

(15) New Signatories must document signature and ratification of this Declaration by informing the Registrar within 48 hours.

(16) The Registrar shall forward details of any changes to the composition of the Signatories to all remaining Signatories within seven days.

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List of Participating Regions:

- Council of Narnia (signed 2/11/2013)
- The Land of Kings and Emperors1 (signed 2/16/2013)
- Kantrias (signed 2/16/2013)
- Aluvean Seas (signed 2/18/2013)
- The New Inquisition (signed 2/19/2013)
- Social Liberal Union (signed 2/19/2013)
- The United Federation (signed 2/21/2013)
- Europeia (signed 2/25/2013)
- The British Isles (signed 3/6/2013)
- Spiritus (signed 3/10/2013)
- Nysa (signed 3/14/2013)
- Ainur (3/18/2013)
- United Peoples Front for Socialism (signed 3/24/2013)
- Mazaria (signed 5/7/2013)
- Albion (signed 5/12/2013)
- Versutian Federation (6/7/2013)
- United Kingdom (signed 2/9/2014)
- The New Galactic Empire (signed 3/26/2014)
- Ceseris (signed 4/7/2014)
- Atlantis (signed 4/8/14); includes the region of Halo (4/8/2014)
- Kingdom of Peppers (signed 6/6/2014)
- Hallowell Commonwealth (signed 6/14/2014)
- The Revolutionary Communist Assembly (signed 8/2/2014)
- Carpe Diem (signed 8/3/2014)
- The North American Union (signed 10/27/2014)
- The Coalition of Democratic Nations (signed 12/30/2014)
- Wistlor (signed 1/4/2015)
- Peoples Federation of Qandaristan (signed 2/12/2015)
- USSD (signed 5/4/2015)
- Lightmont (signed 5/15/2015)
- Lazarus Grand Peninsula (signed 5/15/2015); The Order of the southern north (successor region).
- Archmont (signed 5/20/2015)
- The Communist Bloc (signed 5/24/2015)
- Equinox (signed 6/28/2015)
- Revolutionary Alternativa (signed 7/18/2015)
- Kingdom of Ireland (signed 11/25/2015)
- European Treaty Organization (signed 1/25/2016)
- Sanctuary of Syl (signed 1/25/2016)
- The Republic of Rome (signed 4/21/2017)
- Equinox (5/4/2017)
- Enadia (signed 8/14/2019)
- The Union of Democratic States (signed 5/28/2020)
- Thaecia (signed 9/22/2020)
- Fylkirvegr (signed 10/2/2020)
- Maastricht (signed 7/2/2021)
- The Region of Warsaw (signed 7/10/2021)

1. The Land of Kings and Emperors also signed and ratified the Declaration on behalf of its subsidiary regions, including: Norwood, Polis, Niso, Maxonberg, Vienna, The Land of Dragonia, Munster, Moldavia, Ilum, Imperial Elite, United Nations Socialist Party, The Wild West, Genosha, and Noria.
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