Apply for a Newspaper

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Apply for a Newspaper
Rules and Regulations
By applying for a Newspaper, you agree to the following:
  • All Newspapers and their Articles shall follow the Laws of Europeia.
  • All rights in content remain with the author unless otherwise agreed.
  • The Forum Administrators may archive your newspaper, at their discretion, if there have been no new articles posted in the last 70 days.
  • Complaints filed against a paper will be reviewed. Possible violations of Europeian Law will be passed to the Attorney General for review and may result in criminal charges. ToU and ToS violations will be addressed by the Forum Administrators according to the procedures laid out in the Forum Administration Act (2012).
Application Process
To apply for a newspaper, please complete and post the following form in the Admin Task Thread.
Application said:
Name of Paper:
Editor/Moderator: (Forum name here)

Note: The name and description fields are what will appear as the name and description of your newspaper's forum when it is created. These may be changed at a later time by submitting an additional request to the Forum Administrators.
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