Application for Citizenship: John Laurens-Wessex

John Laurens

Hey Constie! I heard through the grapevine you'd made a reappearance. I don't question so much why you'd return as others because I think I can empathize there. I've been in a similar situation with a guild on World of Warcraft. They didn't let me return, but I get why. Despite the fact that the maxim being forgive and forget, I don't always believe it's the one ring to fit all fingers. It's not always healthy for everyone. I'd be a hypocrite to decry it when I don't do it myself.

What I tend to do is shut off. I don't care one way or the other. I become neutral. In your case, I believe that's what's happened to me after 3 years. I was upset but unsurprised by what occurred after you left. I concur with HEM there.

So you've mentioned you've grown since last time and I can believe it. As a fellow call center/customer service rep I know the kind of training you may have received. I've dealt with the good and bad end of that though.

So I'm at neutral and curious. What will you do? Will you enjoy what might be a tough uphill climb? Will you deal with it smartly and with empathy?

You've answered the phone, and the customer is upset. How will you deescalate when there is no sup to hand the call off to?
The situation in your last question happens more than I’d personally like, so in every case I try to empathize with the customer. It’s much easier to interact with an angry customer if I can understand why they’re angry. Then I see what I can do to make the situation a little bit better for them, and for the supervisor when they supervisor does call back (which is the process). I thank the customer for their patience, send an email to a supervisor, and work with the customer where I can. Usually the customer hangs up a little bit happier than when I picked up the phone.

it’s a challenge, for sure, but it’s a challenge that is worth it if the customer comes out of the situation happy.
LOL I guess that was a bit unclear.

I mean the situation I outlined is occurring right now. I want to see what you actually do. Not what you say you would do.
Ah, sorry for the misunderstanding 😅


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The citizenship granting process is not a democracy, and I can't grant it to only those I like and deny it to those I don't. In fact, from the Citizenship Act:

(5) The President, or other designee with responsibility for citizenship applications, must grant a request for citizenship, unless:

(i) The applicant fills out the citizenship application form in a manner that is untrue or incomplete;
(ii) The applicant does not have a nation in Europeia or does not comply with any guidelines set out by the President or their responsible Minister;
(iii) A security reason for denial of citizenship is advised by the Director of the Europeian Intelligence Agency;
(iv) A Europeian court order is in place to the effect that the applicant is not permitted to hold citizenship of Europeia;
(v) The granting of citizenship to the applicant is deemed to pose an unacceptable risk to the well-being of Europeia;
(vi) The granting of citizenship to the applicant would be a violation of Europeian Law; or,
(vii) The President or their designee has insufficient information to perform a reasonable background check.

One could make the argument that (v) may apply in this situation, but, after weighing the history of John Laurens (a.k.a. Constie) in the region alongside my own and others' experiences with him since, as well as my own conversation with him, I do not think he poses an "unacceptable risk" to our community. We have forgiven or overlooked many flaws in the past. I do not believe Constie is a Nazi, and, after rereading that chat log from 3 years ago, I truly do see him as someone who was under duress and chose to respond very, very poorly. He deserved to be banned at that time.

HEM already said more eloquently what I'd like to get across:

So, that bring us to redemption.

There is no god of Europeia who grants forgiveness, which is probably a good thing in the case of the Christian god, because we can't forgive everyone. But I believe it's been three years. And while that three years hasn't been a completely clean slate, the trajectory has shown continued improvement. The same kind of growth we all have experienced, step by step.

And this last part is meta, and specific to me but...the world is fucked up. And I feel there's so little I can do to impact positive change. How do I make an impact? Stupid as it is, I see Europeia as one of the better vessels to do that. So if someone is knocking at our door, wanting to be apart of a community I know is filled with good people, I am inclined to open the door a crack rather than slam it shut.

So, with that, I am accepting this application for citizenship.

Maybe that's a mistake. If so, it is one I will have to own. But I believe Constie deserves a chance to sink or swim on his own merits, as so many of us have here. I hope he proves me right. Maybe he won't. If not, you can tell me you told me so.


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Welcome back, Constie. Don't screw it up.