ALTYS: Second Convention of Lausanne Ratified

Second Convention of Lausanne Ratified
Four Tightly-Knit Come Closer Together

Written by Altys and Pland Adanna

The East Pacific (TEP), Thaecia, the Alstroemerian Commonwealths, and The Free Nations Region came together last month to ratify The Second Convention of Lausanne, a new interregional treaty. As an alliance between already-close regions, the convention codifies a pre-existing group that shares similar ideals with regards to NationStates. These allies and friends have long worked as a “silent bloc” and are now seeking to publicly declare their strong relationship.

The convention builds off existing treaties between these regions, as well as the Consortium alliance, which ultimately failed as an interregional alliance but succeeded in bringing the regions together as friends. The Consortium united these four communities plus Force and the Kingdom of Great Britain into a common bloc. Spearheaded by former TEP Delegate Libertanny/Serge, the alliance went slightly too deep down the interregional organisation road, ultimately leading to Thaecia’s rejection of the (first) Convention of Lausanne. Following that event and Force’s ejection from Consortium due to problematic behaviour, the organisation and its plans were put in the drawer and replaced by bilateral treaties and close cooperation between The East Pacific, Thaecia, the Alstroemerian Commonwealths, and The Free Nations Region, while relations with the Kingdom of Great Britain gradually died out.

The regions have shared many citizens, with, for example, TEP seeing several of its Delegates (Albrook, Aivintis, Altys) originating from each of them. Furthermore, all four regions regularly organise cultural events together like NDay, Paradoxical, and smaller regional events like Thaecia’s monthly Hunger Games, further strengthening their relationships.

"At a time, those of TEPers who pursued ideas of equality and friendship were called fools," Serge explained. "Many saw Thaecia, FNR and AC as a way to expand TEP's influence and make them our unofficial satelite states - as imperialist moods right after the coup of TEP were rather strong. But it is ideas of equality, friendship and sincerity, that converted your regular diplomatic relations into family-like setup (Consortium -> independent relations -> Second Convention of Lausanne), where each signatory would go into fire for the other one. Today, each signatory has three allies like no other. We are in a situation, where each of us has three allies, that they can just ask for help and they shall receive said help - as simple as that."

Moving forward, not much may change in the relationship and activities of these regions, as all four currently share the foreign affairs policy of fun above politics, which, by default, goes against heavy agenda-posting or attempts at wielding influence. However, NationStates can expect increased visibility of the friendship between these four, tightly-knit communities.
Very informative for a domestic audience. Thanks all involved in writing this up!
Very nice to be kept up to date on what's going on abroad! Great article.