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All —

In a slightly more uplifting note to stand in contrast to yesterday's announcement, I want to update the region on the status of the Administrative team.

As many of you may know, in the past month Mousebumples has finished transitioning off the team. As most of you probably do not know, in the last few weeks r3naissanc3r has begun to do the same.

To the best of my understanding, r3naissanc3r remains on call for SOS development situations and to maintain the systems that he has put in place, but he will not be operating in any day-to-day role.

These two vacancies have left the administrative team stretched thin, and so we are shaking things up and bringing new people onboard.

Firstly, Sopo will be serving as Associate Administrator for Discord. In Sopo's role, he will be the point-person in our efforts to better monitor Discord and make sure we are stepping in when need be. With our reforms in Discord management, it's been made increasingly clear we need a point person primarily focused on the continued supervision of Discord.

Secondly, Kuramia will be serving as Associate Administrator for Advocacy. Stepping into Mousebumple's old role, Kuramia will be working to build strong relationships between the administrative team and the members of our community. She will also be helping out with tech requests and other miscellaneous tasks we give to her (sorry).

I'd also like to announce that Darcness has been promoted to fill R3n's position as Senior Administrator for Development. Darcness will be our point person on all programming / coding matters.

Finally, because of how much work we expect of him, I've decided it's in the community's best interest to finally reinstate NES to a formal role on the team. NES will serve as an Assistant Administrator for Conduct. The reasoning here is that with the amount of counsel NES is giving the team on investigatory matters, he is effectively a member of the team, and I believe that should be disclosed in a formal way. NES's assistant role will still preclude him from doing day-to-day tasks, as his only responsibility will be his portfolio.


Okay, as a recap, your administrative team is below:

Chief Administrator: HEM
Deputy Chief Administrator: Malashaan
Senior Administrator for Citizenship: Lethen
Senior Administrator for Development: Darcness
Associate Administrator for Discord: Sopo
Associate Administrator for Advocacy: Kuramia
Assistant Administrator for Conduct: NES

In the coming days, the Administrative Team will be initiating a regional discussion in how we, as a region, want Discord to be organized. Internally, we've come to the conclusion that the system we are currently using is sub-optimal, and want to revisit the question from an OOC point of view. We encourage all members to begin formulating their thoughts on how Discord moderation can be better so that we can have a free and frank discussion.

I understand many people are apprehensive about the Tapatalk conversion. I am as well. As of now, we have not received our preview URL that'll show us how our board will look on the new platform. Once we have that, we will share it with the region, which should help guide our discussions further on how to proceed.

A small final note: it bears saying again and again, but we appreciate the trust and support this region has consistently given us. We understand that not every member agrees with us every single time (that would be unrealistic and absurd), but the broad support and trust that we receive from you all is extremely humbling—and makes this job possible. From all of us to you, thank you.


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I would like to thank the Admin Team for the opportunity to come aboard. I will do my best.


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Yoda would be disappointed in Darcness.

Congratulations to those appointed.


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Congrats Sopo and Kuramia! :)

I'm excited about the discord moderation discussion! :cheers:


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Drexlore Greyjoy said:
Congrats to the new admin team! But are you sure you want Sopo as an admin? He'll probably delete the Senate or something. :p
if he did that he'd get promoted.


Congratulations to Europeia’s two newest administrators! I’m sure you’ll do an excellent job serving the region. In addition, congratulations to Darcness, filling the spot left by r3n. Let’s see what positive changes come out of this!