Admin Team Reshuffle


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Hello all,

Looking back, I realized it has been nearly four years since we made changes to the admin team.

This is a supreme accomplishment for the admins who have been working besides me for that period of time (or longer!). Every single one of the have given a labor of love to this community, and the stability we have seen from our admins is something I've rarely seen in any other active online community.

That being said, we cannot allow self-adulation to become stagnation. Over the past few months, different admins have taken LOAs or stepped back from "public life" and we've ID'ed that the community would benefit from filling some of the resultant gaps.

So, I am very pleased to announce that both Pichtonia and Calvin Coolidge will serve as Associate Administrators for Tech Requests. Their initial focus will be helping the admin team improve response times around all manner of technical needs, but like all admins, they will be generalists touching every avenue of our work. We are very excited to have them both.

With this change comes a few others:

Malashaan has largely retired from public life in Europeia, though he remains as committed as ever to preserving our region's safety standards. He has been one of the key thinkers behind much of Europeia's administrative policy, but to reflect his reduced time capacity, will be transitioning to the role of Assistant Administrator for Safety.

—Taking his place as Deputy Chief Administrator will be Sopo. This is a significant promotion from Sopo (who is notably skipping the "senior admin" title), and reflects years of hard work (including before becoming an admin) that Sopo has invested in keeping our community safe. If I were to ever retire or leave, Sopo is the one who I would trust to take my place. I didn't ask him in advance to take on this role, so here's to hoping that he doesn't quit on sight.

Kuramia is being given a title bump to Senior Administrator for Advocacy. It doesn't come with a pay raise, but does come with my appreciation of how hard Kuramia has worked to be an advocate for the community in administrative conversations and worked to keep all our trains running on time!

PHEW! Our new admins will be masked and onboarded over the next few days. But for now, here is your admin team:

Chief Administrator: HEM
Deputy Chief Administrator: Sopo
Senior Administrator for Citizenship: Lethen
Senior Administrator for Development: Darcness
Senior Administrator for Advocacy: Kuramia
Associate Administrator for Tech Requests: Pichtonia
Associate Administrator for Tech Requests: Calvin Coolidge
Assistant Administrator for Safety: Malashaan

As always, it is a honor to serve this community and play a small part in making this a fun + safe game for everyone. If there are questions, just let me know.



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A big congratulations to everyone promoted, and thanks for the update from the admin team!


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Smh passed up for promotion yet again. First I'm cut out of the Oprah money, then this. :p

In all seriousness, congrats on the promotions, and I am very happy to see Calvin and Pichto join the team!

Calvin Coolidge

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Excited to be a part of the team. Thanks everyone, and congrats to those promoted!


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Please reconsider adding the word senior into sopo's title to make him feel old, congrats to everyone!


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yeah after that SNAKE ratted me out when i was accidently promoted to staff member