A New Chief of State Term


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A New Chief of State Term
Prim Takes the Helm

Written by Maowi

Europeia - August 12, 2019 - Following the end of Kuramia's successful and extensive term as chief of state, ex-Councillor of World Assembly Affairs Prim has assumed the office with UnitedPeoplesOfCentrism (UPC) as his deputy. Their campaign focused on revitalising the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN), increasing the region's presence in interregional World Assembly discussions, and a fresh approach to Foreign Affairs involving the creation of a new post to keep citizens updated on notable events outside of Europeia. In yet another uncontested election, the Senate confirmed the ticket unanimously (with only UPC abstaining). Prim has already released his opening address, in which he mentions the recent influx of new faces into Europeian politics: he intends "to make the development and training of new talent and leadership a priority during this chief of state term," as well as to concentrate on "engagement and participation." He also presented this term's candidates to the Senate for confirmation.

For Justice (2nd chair) he nominated Lloenflys, citing his legal expertise and his success as a senator. In response to questions from the Senate, the nominee set out his judicial philosophy, which he intends to keep "pretty straight-forwardly textualist." He also went on to explain his opinion of the Judiciary's role in the region, which he hopes to keep neutral and out of prominent involvement in regular activities. Reactions from the senators were positive all-round, resulting in his swift confirmation.

For councillor of foreign affairs, Prim nominated Sopo. Among the more experienced of Prim's nominees, Sopo has outlined plans to improve education resources for diplomats and train potential successors to the position. He also wishes to produce regular foreign updates to distribute outside of Europeia. When asked about the problem of under-staffing in the council, he explained that he would prioritise regions which may require a more active presence when delegating positions to ambassadors. Again, the senators expressed confidence in the nominee, and confirmed him unanimously too.

Rachael was nominated to fill the new position put forward by Prim: councillor of NS forum engagement. Her role would be to maintain Europeia's NS Game-Play Embassy thread with regional updates, collaborate with Sopo to effect the distribution of foreign updates, and potentially produce articles with the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation informing citizens about external goings-on. Senate Speaker GraVandius voiced scepticism about the necessity of creating a new position to carry out this role but he, along with other senators, affirmed support for the candidate.

Deputy Chief of State UPC has received a unanimous vote in favour from the Senate to replace Prim as councillor of World Assembly affairs (although again, UPC himself abstained). He emphasised a need to recruit more players to the council and expressed his intentions to continue producing regular "information for voters" recommendations to inform voters about World Assembly resolutions. He also wishes Europeia to become more prominent in the World Assembly Legislative League and to use connections with experienced authors therein to aid the region's own resolution drafting.

Lastly, Prim chose to nominate HEM to continue serving as grand admiral of the ERN. He has mentioned a scheme to foster the development of future leaders of the ERN by creating a more formal system with clear commands. Also among the nominee's plans is a recruitment drive to spark enthusiasm to participate, as well as modifications of the system such as "bringing the reserves into the greater Naval structure."

All the nominees have now been confirmed unanimously by the Senate and are all set to begin the new term in their respective positions.

This article is an expansion of a subline in the last weekly update.


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