A Beachhead in England: Reporting on Libcord Forces Week-Long Siege

A Beachhead in England:
Reporting on Libcord Forces Week-Long Siege

Written by Istillian

During the Minor update of March 12, at 12pm Eastern Standard Time, raiding forces from the Sekhmet Legion, a raider military organisation from Osiris led by Moshir Wascoitan, were assisted by The Black Hawks, The Brotherhood of Malice, Ijaka, Lone Wolves United, Kantrias, Sparkalia, and the Communist Bloc to invade England and establish a hold in the region. Defending forces were initially unable to muster the support at the update to combat the invasion, and a call to allies and friends was quickly made to attempt to claim the region back for the natives of the region. A force of 82 individuals, including sailors from the Europeian Republican Navy, attempted to Liberate England the following update on March 13, but were outnumbered by the invading coalition.

By March 13, Consul Quebecshire of The League's Defense Forces, under the nation Felix Legion I, alongside co-author Warden Constable Westinor, submitted the Security Council proposal "Liberate England" to strike down the invading Delegate-imposed barriers on the region, and particularly noted the deposition of the rightful native Delegate, The Duchy of Isle of Westland.

The Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) swiftly reached out to First Warden Grea Kriopia to query the purpose of the invasion from the raiding forces, and on how to best maintain an invaded regions integrity.

"We have some internal speculation of the long-term purpose, but it's hard to say for certain. We always do a risk calculus assuming the worst case scenario of the region being turned into a trophy or re-founded. For England, the name of the game has been aggressive. We've been focusing on relentless plays to deter long-term damage to the region with delegate tipping, 24/7 sieges, and putting up a Security Council Liberation right away all while in constant communication with the native delegate. So far, it's proved highly effective and highly annoying to the occupiers which is everything we could hope for."

In a statement issued on March 17, in The League's NationStates Gameplay Embassy, Consul Quebecshire reported that the eighth siege of England had just concluded with defending forces successfully putting over 100 endorsements on the native World Assembly Delegate, and over fifty individuals showing up to each consecutive update period since March 13. At this stage the combined defending forces displaced the invading Delegate four times so that no further influence could be built to assign a border control officer.

The EBC spoke to Consul Quebecshire after the issue of this statement, who commented on some of the challenges when operating a siege of this scale, and their communication process with the native Delegate of England.

"The biggest challenge with a siege of this scale is probably getting newer members situated and prepared to jump. Morale was impressive throughout this siege and we had competent officers keeping things going, so the main challenge was ensuring those funnelled into Libcord were capable and ready to actually execute sieges.

Regarding Isle of Westland, I reached out to them initially after the raid to discuss the siege response. I have some experience taking a leading role on native outreach in occupations like China and New Westphalia, so it wasn't too new to deal with. However, Westland was pretty dedicated given update was at a rather unideal time for them, so they put a lot of work into getting England freed."

While the siege efforts from Libcord's combined forces have now come to a halt, as of March 19, the Security Council resolution to Liberate England passed on March 21, ensuring that a password on the region is not able to be placed by the invading Delegate. Furthermore, the continued siege attempts from last week, while not able to topple the raider delegate, have however ensured that defending forces have amassed a high enough level of influence on Isle of Westland, and the nations piling in the region in support, to ensure that they cannot be so easily removed from the region if a re-found of England was the end-goal from raiders here. In line with Europeia's current foreign agenda, Europeia's World Assembly Delegate Le Libertie voted on behalf of our citizens For the resolution.