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  1. Gorundu

    EBC Poll: Bar Association on a Knife's Edge

    Interesting that almost half of the respondents have served as Justice - given one of the key motivations for the bill is the lack of turnover in Justices, I feel like the sample here might not be very representative :p 95.2% of the respondents having served as Senator is probably a similar signal.
  2. Gorundu

    EBC Poll: Only ⅓ Satisfied With Current Senate Field

    Uh, the time and commitment needed for the role? I thought I could do it for at least two terms and ended up having to resign halfway through my second term.
  3. Gorundu

    [SATIRE] Pundits, Citizens In Shock After Unexpected 52-48 Stronghold Victory

    I'm fairly sure the ship's name is actually the ERNS Kieranbottom, think you made a mistake there.
  4. Gorundu

    Senators All Glancing Awkwardly Back And Forth At Each Other As Hezekon Vote Toils On

    It feels to me that people had a bigger problem with the circumstances of the nomination than with Hezekon as the nominee. And I think most of the Senate was relatively confident that Hezekon has the potential to do a good job. In that case, I think it would be a bit ridiculous to block the...
  5. Gorundu

    Admin Task Thread

    Might wanna get rid of this account or at least its advertising in the profile posts:
  6. Gorundu

    Midterm Poll Shows (Mostly) Rebounding Senate Approval

    I think some people have a very low bar for what counts as controversy... As for the oversight rating...I think that's just turned into a poll of who thinks the Senate should do oversight. Because right now it's clear the Senate doesn't care to do any except during nominations (which is covered...
  7. Gorundu

    [EBC POLL] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Poll

    Weird to see that I got (understandably) the (tied) lowest satisfaction rate and simultaneously the second higher rate of "very satisfied" responses, heh :p Anyway it's unfortunate to see that the Senate has continued to struggle with activity, because I know the actual quality of Senators is...
  8. Gorundu

    Admin Task Thread

    Mask @Prim as Speaker pls
  9. Gorundu

    Q&A with Senate Candidate SpagTop

    I think the President should be required to show their voice online so we can run wild with our imagination making inferences about them.
  10. Gorundu

    EuroWeekly Senate Election Flash Poll Results!

    Shoutout to whoever said they would like to see Gaudosia run for the Senate.
  11. Gorundu

    [EBC POLL] Senate is Criticised for Inactivity, Gets Mediocre Ratings

    I think the questions on specific legislation are difficult to answer, especially when it comes to discussions that are still in progress. Personally I was a bit stumped by these questions because I’m not quite sure what counts as being satisfied - if the discussion or the bill has elements I...
  12. Gorundu

    [EBC POLL] Senate is Criticised for Inactivity, Gets Mediocre Ratings

    I’m curious which ones you think are particularly out of place.
  13. Gorundu

    Europeians Sign for Senator Gem, Poseidon Recall

    I think it might be a good idea, with the post counts, to make a separate graph excluding the intelligence committee thread.
  14. Gorundu

    EBC Poll: Senate Loses Ground Since Midterm

    What I found interesting is that for each Senator except Hezekon (who joined midterm), there were comments to the tune of "amazing job" and others to the tune of "totally inactive". Are people looking at the same Senators?
  15. Gorundu

    The Conversation Cloud: Presidential Platforms

    This is very cool, although I think it would be more useful if we were to take out words that are too generic (i.e. most of the biggest words). Though that would raise the question of which words are generic - "region" can be seen as generic but it's likely this big because of how much the...
  16. Gorundu

    Making a Forum that Makes More Sense

    Perhaps Republic Square, Arts & Entertainment, and Games and be moved to their own separate category at the bottom of the front page? Another idea - put Political Parties and Societies under Grand Hall. It's not being used all that much anyway. Perhaps the rest of the District of Regional...
  17. Gorundu

    [Beyond the Borders] A Look At NationStates Great Exhibition's 3rd Year Iteration

    Good summary, but I'm pretty sure this is only the 2nd iteration of this event.