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    Opinion Piece: Stay the Course

    Sadly our forum software only allows us to like a news article. It's a pity I can't anally rim it. Great job Pierce. Fucking stellar.
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    Opinion: Split Executive Shell Game

    If this sort thing happened in US politics I wonder what their response would be?
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    Admin Task Thread

    Mask as Honored Citizen please. Thanks.
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    An Interview with the Minister of Culture

    Not enough likes in the world
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    Admin Task Thread

    Just read Pich's car crash of a sentence: nevermind about the masking.
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    Admin Task Thread

    (Therefore) A repeated application to do this.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Whilst they've been for the most part revoked (in an attempt I guess to stimulate debate elsewhere), there is an open invitation to contribute to the reform proposals.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Need honoured citizen masking (iirc, needs Senate floor privileges)
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    EBC Senate Mid-Term Approval Polling and Analysis

    Good analysis. Acknowledging Olde Delaware's loss was an important pillar of the article. It's good that you made it a central focus. Don't need bickering.
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    Request Masking

    Honoured Citizen University clerk access Library group CAAB group
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    Forum Gameplan

    If you want to help in another way:
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    Forum Gameplan

    Thank god for the spammers. A civic duty.
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    Forum Gameplan

    I have waited ten years for this.
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    Forum Gameplan

    Ok, I'll just come out and say it: does this mean that "last one to post wins" is actually now winnable?
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    The Power Behind the Upvote Squad

    You're irritation is well placed. The discord post will disappear and so will accountability.
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    Opinion: Coalition for Irresponsible Politics

    Excellent post Grizzli. It's a shame that innocent players are being demonised in much the same way Aex was.
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    Poll: Super-Sized Senate Field Hurtles Towards Finish

    Avoid being so delicate. Your post speaks to your ignorance as you don't know (because you've never been recently activepy involved in the CA) the work I've been doing in setting up and providing the structure for the LTC.
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    Poll: Super-Sized Senate Field Hurtles Towards Finish

    Lol. Someone didn't do a validation enquiry.
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    Poll: Super-Sized Senate Field Hurtles Towards Finish

    Real average is the incorrect statistic to use here. The more appropriate and interesting statistic is not the the average of the two points but the difference between them (as this has more meaning). Secondly, if output intentiom is required then the natural ballot is a better indicator.