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  1. Pierce

    [Beyond the Borders] TEP High Court Strikes Down Constitution, Restores It A Day Later

    TEP High Court Strikes Down Constitution, Restores It A Day Later Government, laws, and treaties back into effect after "ground-shaking" ruling overturned based on procedural error Written by Pierce Last Monday, The East Pacific’s Conclave, or high court, briefly struck down the region’s...
  2. Pierce

    [Beyond the Borders] Q&A with Toonela, World Assembly Delegate of the Social Liberal Union

    Fantastic interview! As a former Delegate of SLU, it's great to see the region still going strong and still welcoming to newcomers rising to leadership positions. Particularly reassuring that SLU's foreign affairs progress seems to be flourishing
  3. Pierce

    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    These pieces are always fascinating to read– it’s very interesting and helpful for the public to read the challenges and thoughts that race through one’s head in a role like the Presidency. I’m glad you were able to find successors, and such great picks at that!
  4. Pierce

    [Inside Government] FOIA Reform Dies on the Senate Floor

    Very informative piece! Hopefully the Senate can find some sort of middle ground to the FOIA idea to minimize the potential of what happened in NSUK happening here.
  5. Pierce

    Ministry of Pod Episode 2.13 - "We went to the conversation in good faith"

    Great episode! Super informative. I certainly agree that institutional knowledge is needed; lest we risk what happened with newer leaders in the NSUK and TCB not understanding the regional norms and the importance of our foreign commitments happening here.
  6. Pierce

    [Inside Government][Op-Ed] An Apology for a Compromise

    Your idea of a President and Prime Minister is exactly what I had in mind- with the PM acting as a Deputy/Chief of Staff. Well done on breaking this down and explaining it so eloquently
  7. Pierce

    Poll Shows Sopo Vulnerabilities Against Unlikely Opponents

    Very interesting article and data, thank you, HEM!
  8. Pierce

    EBC Chief of State Speculation Polling: May 2020

    EBC Chief of State Speculation Polling - May 2020 The EBC is polling citizens to analyze your views of possible candidates for Chief of State and Vice Chief of State and to take the temperature on what issues matter to you. Take our poll here. The poll will be open for three days, and may be...
  9. Pierce

    Europeia Vital Stats

    Thank you for this, HEM! I wonder if we could have stats on forum activity all the way back to before the executive split for an article I'm writing? Or just the forum activity during the talks of the executive split all the way to the first elections
  10. Pierce

    First Minister Finds Success In Learning From The Past

    Great article, I always love reading about Euro's history before I got here! Pichto has excelled in his role
  11. Pierce

    Lloenflys Elected as First Minister

    Lloenflys Elected as First Minister Incumbent First Minister Rand Fails to Win Second Term Written by Pierce Former Senator Lloenflys has won with his running mate former President Sopo in the election to become Europeia's second first minister with 64.1 percent (25 votes), beating the...
  12. Pierce

    Smokin' Poll: First Minister May '19 Preliminary Polling

    Great article, CSP! Given I've mentioned this concern over less responsibilities to Kuramia privately, I agree that the CoS/FM should be given the option to designate a councilor/minister as their Deputy rather than having it as a position. I don't think the management activities of either...
  13. Pierce

    Punchwood Accused of Soliciting Cabinet Job in Return for Endorsement

    This is the sort of backroom politicking and lying that we shouldn't tolerate as social convention. Even if Punchwood does accept responsibility and apologize, I don't think he'll recover from this anytime soon given that this isn't the first hiccup of his over the past weeks. Very...
  14. Pierce

    ENN Poll: You'd Rather Be Izzy

    Very interesting results, I’m surprised to see the Punchwood/Winged Bear ticket underperforming. Well done, HEM!
  15. Pierce

    Opinion Piece - Why I Voted No

    While I disagree with the content of this op-ed, Minister Punchwood’s personal views regarding reform do not affect his ability to serve as Minister of Communications. He is entitled to his own views, since the President and I don’t expect all Ministers to be “yes (wo)men” when it comes to...
  16. Pierce

    EBC Exclusive: Chief of Staff Kuramia Considering Goldenblock Bid

    Respectfully, can we make counterarguments to the points that Kari is making without making personal remarks? You're both making valid points, but it would make the discussion more constructive and productive if we stuck to the merits of each others' arguments. Anyways, it was a pleasure...
  17. Pierce

    Hordes of Awards

    Great article, Winged Bear, well done!
  18. Pierce

    Non-Binding Resolution Caught in a Bind

    Well done, Lloen, looking forward to seeing more articles from you!
  19. Pierce

    Opinion Piece: Stay the Course

    Or the Senate could move forward with the Project with the minor revisions included to advance back to Constitutional Convention for discussion and/or voting since the Convention has voted on the particular provision that triggered this attempted setback?