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  1. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    Done. Gonna put this on hold, given the resignation. Removed Chair masking. Will leave citizenship for Lethen to remove.
  2. Calvin Coolidge

    Exclusive Interview With President Lloenflys: Reflecting On Legacy, Leadership, & The Future

    Thanks for conducting this interview, HEM! I just wanted to highlight this answer from Lloen, because it came across as someone who is talking about a term that has already passed, not somebody who still has half a term left. That combined with several answers about how much Lloen is not having...
  3. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    I've removed the previous term's Senator masking and added the new ones. Someone else will have to edit the dropdown, I don't know how to do that.
  4. Calvin Coolidge


    Article paints a kind of bleak picture. Hope this inspires some action! Thanks for writing this.
  5. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    Ah. I removed you from the ERN Command joinable group.
  6. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    The only thing I saw was a Grand Admiral masking on discord, which I've removed. Is there anything else you're referring to?
  7. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    Done, and added Ist as joinable group manager for all the ERN joinable groups.
  8. Calvin Coolidge

    Senators All Glancing Awkwardly Back And Forth At Each Other As Hezekon Vote Toils On

    sometimes the low hanging fruit doesn't need to be picked
  9. Calvin Coolidge

    Renaming of a Forum

    Europeia, In the tradition of celebrating those who have recently earned Honoured Citizenship by renaming a relevant subforum in their honor, it is my immense pleasure to direct you all towards what formerly was the Europeia Information School subforum in the Ministry of Communications and will...
  10. Calvin Coolidge


    This response has been rattling around in my head since I saw it. I have nothing against a President sending a bill to a referendum, inherently. I've even done it myself in the past. However, I think the logic here is giving me some pause. None of us expect the President to know everything, of...
  11. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    I gave you leadership over every ERN joinable group and added you to the ones you weren't a member of. Sorry for the delay!
  12. Calvin Coolidge

    [Beyond the Borders] Condemn Ever-Wandering Souls Repealed

    A great victory for those who stand against BoM. Well done!
  13. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    Gave cabinet masking to Vor, and gave him relevant joinable group leadership.
  14. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    It would be an honor!
  15. Calvin Coolidge

    Admin Task Thread

    Normally, we wait until all of the Cabinet is confirmed to mask, but I have masked you, and removed masking from OD. Also, given you leadership over the Law Clerks joinable group.
  16. Calvin Coolidge

    [Regional Analysis] November 12, 2022 -- Voter Turnout Stable since 2021

    Thanks for putting this together, Prim. Always useful data to have handy.