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  1. Le Libertie

    Wildcard Submission: Reflecting on a Long Year

    It takes a lot to open up like this. Thank you.
  2. Le Libertie

    ENN November Presidential Debate Liveblog

    Can't get enough of these liveblogs!
  3. Le Libertie

    The Best And Worst In All Presidential Platforms

    LOL, Interior definitely got the short end of the stick this presidential cycle...
  4. Le Libertie

    ERI Presents: Europeia's Ministerial Depth Chart II

    I wonder if some of the stark difference in the number of names mentioned is due to differing understandings of what listing "current citizens who you think could serve" actually means. I took it to mean 'those who have the necessary skillsets and have recently demonstrated sufficient activity...
  5. Le Libertie

    Renaming a Forum

  6. Le Libertie

    Admin Task Thread

    Can this thread be moved to Newcomer's Hall? It seems like this player accidentally posted it in the CitApp subforum.
  7. Le Libertie

    Admin Task Thread

    For some reason, I don't have moderating powers over Asperta Manual Recruitment Headquarters despite being MoI (like being able to pin threads). Could this be fixed?
  8. Le Libertie

    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    I appreciate this update; it's simple and sweet. The release of the Gameside Upvote squad looks great (and I'm not just saying that because I designed the awards :p)! However, it doesn't seem like it was publicized much: besides your speeches, no announcement was made either in the...
  9. Le Libertie

    [EBC POLL] Senate is Criticised for Inactivity, Gets Mediocre Ratings

    I've always been a fan of putting 'do not know' into every satisfaction poll because the absence of this option especially ends up hurting ministers/ministries where respondents haven't kept themselves updated, but are forced to give a rating. Even with the Senate, when you have new members...
  10. Le Libertie

    [At Home in Europeia] Remembering Mother's Day: A Mother's Day 2022 Special

    This was such a fun read! Thanks for writing it, and Happy Mother's Day to all the Europeian moms and mom-supporters.
  11. Le Libertie

    Admin Task Thread

    Hello admins, can I please be masked as Delegate?
  12. Le Libertie


    I would like to emphasize that all communications between myself and PhDre were expressly confidential, and his publication of this information stands as an extreme breach of trust. Furthermore, even if the information allegedly credited to me is correct, it omits the fact that I clearly and...
  13. Le Libertie

    Le Libertie - Europeian of the Year Nominee 2021

    My goodness, Calvin, you've completely surprised me here! I really appreciate this.
  14. Le Libertie

    ERI Report: What's the Best Meme? Part VIII

    VICTORY!! I knew the day would come when I would regain my throne.
  15. Le Libertie

    [Poll] Frontier/Stronghold and Europeia

    Maybe you could post the link in the Grand Hall for more visibility.
  16. Le Libertie

    [Inside Government] Nov '21 End-of-Term Poll Results

    Nothing too surprising here. I do want to note that the prediction I made earlier does appear to be correct: Europeia is far from decided on whether it wants to become a frontier or stronghold.
  17. Le Libertie

    Race Tightens As Election Day Approaches - Who Will Win the Presidency?

    I'm by no means an impartial observer, but I would push back against this a little. When there were three tickets, stronghold-leaning tickets took up the slight majority of the vote. I think that there are a lot of candidate-specific factors that affect a ticket's popularity outside of their...
  18. Le Libertie

    Race Tightens As Election Day Approaches - Who Will Win the Presidency?

    Wow. These results are interesting. To be completely honest, I personally expected that the Monkey-Gleg ticket would have polled better and the SkyGreen-Ist ticket to have polled worse. Regardless of the specific details/leads that this polling indicates, it is clear that this election will be...