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  1. Icarus

    Euro Survivor: New Beginnings Signups

    Name: Icarus Have you ever watched Survivor?: no Why should you be picked to play Euro Survivor: New Beginnings (if there is an overflow)?: I was done dirty last time and I plan on making up for that this time. Do you consider yourself to be a more political or a more social player in Europeia...
  2. Icarus

    [Beyond the Borders] Europeia Moves to LibCord

    Great article as always! I truly am beyond excited for this change and we’re already seeing very good successes with the move.
  3. Icarus

    Clerk Account Access

    could i please get access to the navy clerk account? :D
  4. Icarus

    [EBC POLL] President Writinglegend Flying High, Cruising to Re-Election

    Thank you for the awesome poll analysis (as always) I would however like to address this comment because it does not sit right with me so I am going to do something that is very hard for me which is standing up for myself. First of all, I am really really sorry that I made someone feel like...
  5. Icarus

    Clerk Account Access

    Could I please get executive clerk access?
  6. Icarus

    [Interview] An Interview with Nova!

    Same! I think that’s hilarious
  7. Icarus

    [Interview] An Interview with Nova!

    Goooo Nova, I’m really happy that you’re here with us \o/
  8. Icarus

    14 Case Studies: L1 English Phonological Variation Among Europeians

    Oh my lord the amount of effort that has gone into this is insane thank you gc
  9. Icarus

    The ENN Presents... Ministry of Pod

    pod : D
  10. Icarus

    Flashin' Poll: Senate General - Mar '22

    #flashed-emoji, seriously love the presentation of this!!!! Thanks CSP
  11. Icarus

    On the Revitalization of Raiderdom and Europeia's Place in the Modern Gameplay Polychotomy

    What would your idea for going forward be? Do you think the ERN should purely fend for a while or do you find self-organised tag raids/ raids with allies should still be something the ERN entertains?