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  1. Sanjurika

    TTT #030: No More Juice - plus Senate Endorsements!

    Don’t try and pressure yourself to write something! To be honest, even if it’s not related to Europeia, I’d still enjoy it. I really like your writing style :D
  2. Sanjurika

    [At Home in Europeia] Getting to Know Europeians 2.0 - Peeps - A Bear of Many Trades

    i love this series. it’s partly what got me familiar with europeia when i first joined!
  3. Sanjurika

    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    i think you should lay out some fire beats and rap your next update
  4. Sanjurika


    To be honest I didn't even make that connection. Since this was more OOC fun, they were completely separate in my mind.
  5. Sanjurika


    who are you and what did you do with hem tiberiussyyh
  6. Sanjurika


    what does this mean
  7. Sanjurika


    hello please do not spam with multiple accounts
  8. Sanjurika

    [Beyond the Borders] Q&A with Pallaith, World Assembly Delegate of The North Pacific

    Great article! Pallaith is someone I've always looked up to, and who provided a lot of valuable advice to me when I first got my start in TNP.
  9. Sanjurika

    Ministry of Pod ELECTION SPECIAL 1 - "I want this more than any of the terms I've had previously"

    omg i love the ministry of pod i am such a big fan yes when will you be selling merch
  10. Sanjurika

    Admin Task Thread

    Not super important, but feel free to remove my Deputy Minister role. That's from last term. Also, could @GrandfatherClock be masked as DM per this announcement?
  11. Sanjurika

    Ministry of Pod Episode 2.13 - "We went to the conversation in good faith"

    I love these FA type podcasts. Sopo
  12. Sanjurika

    Clerk Account Access

    oh shoot. nvm ignore me
  13. Sanjurika

    Clerk Account Access

    could i have access again
  14. Sanjurika

    Clerk Account Access

    Hello could I have Executive Clerk access?
  15. Sanjurika

    Clerk Account Access

    Hello could I have Executive Clerk access?
  16. Sanjurika

    Admin Task Thread

    Could I have joinable group management over Interior staff? ^-^
  17. Sanjurika

    ENN April 2022 Election Coverage

    I've absolutely loved the coverage by the ENN! Super exciting to see what's coming up. ^-^