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  1. Snowball

    Europeia's Weekly Update (September 28, 2019)

    September 28 Weekly Update N-Day, and the Senate Gets To Work Written By Snowball Senate Elections Senate elections were held on September 20. Astrellan, Calvin Coolidge, Darcness, Drecq, JayDee, Lloenflys, Malashaan, Rand, and Snowball were all elected. Soon after, Drecq was elevated to the...
  2. Snowball

    Europeia's Weekly Update (September 20th, 2019)

    September 20 Weekly Update Controversy, An Award, and a Senate Election Written By Snowball ERN Succeeds! The Europeian Republican Navy made a successful double raid last Saturday. They raided the Trans Atlantic Trade Company and Yorkshire with two victories! Senate elections! After...
  3. Snowball

    Europeia's Weekly Update (September 7th, 2019)

    September 7th Update Arnhelm, Judiciary, and End of Term Written By Snowball City Council The City Council Act was passed by the Senate unanimously, and has been signed off by the first minister. Minister of Culture DAX interviewed Olde Delaware, who will become the first Steward of the City...
  4. Snowball

    Survival of the Fittest

    [hr][hr]Survival of the Fittest Written by Snowball [hr][hr] Take 16 Europeians, put them on a deserted island for 39 days, make them fend for themselves and their tribe, and also have them vote people off the island equals a recipe for somewhere in between disaster and extreme fun...
  5. Snowball

    Grand Admiral Townhall

    [hr][hr]Grand Admiral Townhall Written by Snowball [hr][hr] Grand Admiral Calvin Coolidge has finished his townhall, with questions ranging from The Tag raid controversy to the recent operation in Japan. Tag raiding was put on the spotlight after Senator Festavio questioned the current ERN...
  6. Snowball

    Minister of Justice Townhall

    [hr][hr]Minister of Justice Townhall Written by Name Snowball [hr][hr] Attorney General Rand has finished his townhall, with topics ranging from what he has done to the Law Clerk Program. Sopo hosted this EBC radio townhall. When asked about his accomplishments in the term thus far, Rand...
  7. Snowball

    GraVandius Wins Citizen Assembly Chair Election

    [hr][hr]GraVandius Wins Citizen Assembly Chair Election Written by Snowball [hr][hr] In a recent Assembly Chair election, GraVandius won over fellow opponent Vlaska. GraVandius managed to secure 21 votes to Vlaska’s 15, winning the election by a clear margin. GraVandius ran on a platform of...
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  9. Snowball

    A State of Mind

    [hr][hr] A State of Mind States in Europeia By Comrade Snowball [hr][hr] On Saturday, Sopo initiated the randomized sorting of his Europeian States program. The program aims to create separate sub governments within a federal system, where the federal government is supreme. It was completely...