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  1. Pland Adanna

    Social Cohesion or Social Breakdown – An Independent Study on Europeian Citizen Behaviour

    I liked this!! It takes me back to Prim's pants's group chat...
  2. Pland Adanna

    [Op-Ed] Frontier - A Path of Problems

    I agree with everything LL said above but I also wanted to clarify that my comment about the possibility of our survival depending on the destruction of communities was a very extreme and, admittedly, very unlikely example. However, this doesn't change the fact that, regardless of whether we...
  3. Pland Adanna

    [Op-Ed] Frontier - A Path of Problems

    Okay, I'm way late to this discussion but it's been awhile since I've pitched in my thoughts on this issue. I started out lean-Stronghold and slowly shifted to lean-Frontier but, after reading this, I'm back to undecided. It certainly seems that the largest argument in favor of Stronghold...
  4. Pland Adanna

    BREAKING: Maowi Commended

    BREAKING: Maowi Commended The commendation passed with an overwhelming 90.9% of the vote. Written by Pland Adanna Commend Maowi passed the World Assembly Security Council at the minor update on Monday by an overwhelming vote of 11,170 (90.9%) to 1,124 (9.1%), a margin not met in the council...
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    Frontrunners But Not Field Clearers: Presidential Poll Results

    we can just plant eucalyptus in the same place as the bamboo
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    I definitely found the application daunting, mostly because it just seemed so formal/official. To be fair though, everything was a little daunting because there was just so much. I think I googled something like "online political games" and found NS. I just regoogled that and couldn't find it...
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    [Inside Government] End-of-Term Senate Poll Analysis

    It's been fun this term. Thanks for writing this!
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    [Inside Government] Uncovering the Cabal: Investigating Card Trading

    I said this in drafting but I'll say it again: this was super entertaining! Also, while we discussed this in the Kuramia Newsroom, I wanted to clarify for readers that I was wrong about the cards condemnations. Koem Kab and Noahs Second Country have both already been condemned for card-related...
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    Admin Task Thread

    Do you know who I should ask?
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    Admin Task Thread

    I saw "revivals" happening here so I wasn't sure but I figured this would be the best place to ask.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Hey! Is there a specific application I need to fill out to get a subforum in the LethoMonarchy Media Center? I'm interested in starting a private media outlet called "Plandapalooza" with the description "A place where Pland paloozes". Thank you!
  12. Pland Adanna

    President Kazaman Is Falling Behind: Poll Analysis

    Is the +10.1% because only people with less experience in the region (such as myself) would dare take the poll?
  13. Pland Adanna

    [Inside Government] End of Term Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    Wow! The re-election numbers were pretty spot-on for HEM and Sanjurika but Calvin significantly over-performed. I wonder why that was.
  14. Pland Adanna

    World Assembly Affairs Completes First RMB Proposal Discussion

    World Assembly Affairs Completes First RMB Proposal Discussion Participation Higher Than the Ministry Expected Written by Pland Adanna On May 15, Minister of World Assembly Affairs Pland Adanna kicked off the first discussion of a World Assembly proposal on Europeia’s Regional Message Board. The...
  15. Pland Adanna

    Senator GraVandius in Jeopardy, Others Positioned to Stay

    Senator GraVandius in Jeopardy, Others Positioned to Stay 53.8% Want Senator GraVandius Recalled Written by Pland Adanna With every senator up for recall, the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) conducted a poll about the upcoming referenda. The poll was open from May 1 to May 2 and...
  16. Pland Adanna

    Europeian Culinary Preferences Poll Results and Analysis

    Europeian Culinary Preferences Poll Results and Analysis Europeia Bitterly (get it?) Divided on Some Issues and United on Others Written by Pland Adanna While it's definitely not the most pressing issue in Europeia, there's a chance that it isn't the least pressing either! In fact, a group named...
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    Admin Task Thread

    ^^ I don't know who I should ping but @Lethen and @Kuramia were the last people to deal with requests.