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  1. Aexnidaral

    Mid-Term Executive Satisfaction Poll - Results and Analysis

    Sometimes? Try all the time! How insulting, at least say I'm always snide and snarky. I've worked hard for those adjectives!!! Also -- how is this even remotely relevant to either the MoJ or what I've done as AG? lmao ☠️ While many of the miscellaneous comments and critiques are fair, I do want...
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    Admin Task Thread

    Can the following News Organisations be archived? Private Media Collective: Acapais National Press: All Laws Must Pass...
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    [Inside Government] End-of-term Senate Satisfaction Polling Analysis

    I want to address this comment specifically. Obviously, I was pretty quiet during the last bit of the term (and even took a LOA!) but I also did... pretty much the same as much of my colleagues and even authored an Amendment. That aside, my activity is a fair critique and one I can understand...
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    Peaches Citizenship application

    Yeah while there doesn't need to be a new thread posted, a new application does need to be posted specifically; like they've done.
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    [Inside Government] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    You're all gonna get Mandatory Recruitment!
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    [Inside Government] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    mfw i run on a platform that i'm going to likely be a quiet backbench senator and someone comments negatively that ive been a quiet backbench senator 😩🥺
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    Ridin with Biden.
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    Application for Citizenship: John Laurens-Wessex

    Not that it's up to me at all, but if it were I would deny. While I think it's undoubtable that you've grown since you posted the Swastika stuff and you're not the same kid you were, like, 4 years ago... I do think you're still fairly troll-y, and the things I've seen you say about Europeia and...
  9. Aexnidaral

    [Inside Government] September Midterm Executive Satisfaction Poll

    Interesting results and pretty much where I land. Things are progressing but feel slow for some reason. Some interesting names mentioned for next term or potential candidates -- I have no intention to run. I ran for Senate to be in the Senate, not to use it as a jumping off point to be...
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    [Breaking News] 75th Senate of Europeia Elected

    Didn't spend much time validating or double checking the data, so some of it could be wrong; but comparing the data is interesting. 23 respondents for 55 voters isn't bad, but the %s are pretty interesting to me because it really reinforces that even though they 2 out of 3 of them "lost" the...
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    Admin Task Thread

    Please mask Darkslayer as Speaker.
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    Senate Election Flash Poll Results

    Yeah, I agree with Kura.
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    [Inside Government] End-of-term Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    For some reason all I see is this on all of them:
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    [Inside Government] End-of-term Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    I can't see any of the images for some reason
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    [Inside Government] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Polling Analysis

    I'm largely fine with anonymous comments. When they're dumb, they're dumb; and when they go overboard anyone is free to push back on them (like I did with the ones about Darkslayer) Overall, I think that for the most part most comments are okay, and that the bad ones just stand out the most.
  16. Aexnidaral

    [Inside Government] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Polling Analysis

    That was this term? Huh, I forgot. Still, I'd say that was mostly a flash in the pan that was wildly misinterpreted than the long drawn out process and debate we saw with the VP stuff.
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    [Inside Government] Midterm Senate Satisfaction Polling Analysis

    The venom is especially weird to me considering, at least I feel personally, like that only real "explosive" issue this term has been the Vice President serving as a Minister thing. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but I just genuinely don't understand how an issue so ... overwhelmingly...
  18. Aexnidaral

    VOTE: Senior Associate Vice Oprah

    sopo's last name: sopo resign abstaibn