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  1. Le Libertie

    [Beyond the Borders] Covering the IRC's Journey

    Covering the IRC's Journey Beset by Past and Present Challenges, the IRC Works to Find Its Footing Written by Le Libertie On April 8, Vice President Istillian proclaimed the opening of the Inter-Regional Chat (IRC). “It's been a long time coming,” Istillian began, later stating that the board...
  2. Le Libertie

    Looking Back on The Embassy

    Looking Back on The Embassy An Exploration of The Embassy Incident and Its Consequences Written by Le Libertie and Istillian On February 14, a citizen created a Grand Hall thread questioning why the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN) was involved in the hold of a small region with no more than a...
  3. Le Libertie

    Recruitment & Responsibility

    Recruitment & Responsibility: Understanding the Changes in Recruitment Expectations and Their Consequences Written by Le Libertie Recruitment has always maintained vital importance in Europeia. By bringing forth new nations and members, it staves off the ever-continual forces of inactivity...
  4. Le Libertie

    [Inside Government] Electoral Proposal Mired in Controversy

    Electoral Proposal Mired in Controversy The ‘Presidential Approval Voting Amendment Act’ Stirs Debate Written by Le Libertie Some say it’s an all too familiar pattern of lofty legislation proposed in the Senate. Others argue that it was a well-intentioned idea with some semblance of promise. But...
  5. Le Libertie

    You Get the Gist - No Lists

    Today, a threat faces Europeia like no other. The plague of lists across republic square has defaced the forum. It has drained the activity of the region. And frankly, they are quite unoriginal. Under my rule, I pledge that I will use all of my authority to ban lists with whatever power I am...
  6. Le Libertie

    Guess the Gibberish!

    Okay, I'm stealing this idea from Instagram/Tiktok (don't kill me...or sue me). And I'm partly inspired by the 'misspell the user' thread. You make a phrase that is spelled like 'gibberish', and the next poster must figure out what it means. This is done by repeating the 'gibberish' out loud...
  7. Le Libertie

    I will win.

    I will win.
  8. Le Libertie

    A Pun Thread

    I was simply shelled shocked to discover there wasn't a thread for puns! Quite the disapunment, if you ask me. I may be a little slow, but I'll take the time to see the figurative creativity of you all.
  9. Le Libertie

    I'm spamming to save the forum!

    I'm spamming to save the forum!
  10. Le Libertie

    Back Again...Unfortunately

    Those pestilent ad pop-ups are back again on my phone. It is slightly different now, but it sill pops up everywhere.
  11. Le Libertie

    Most Consecutive Posts

    GOAL: Make the most consequential posts. Pretty simple. This is probably the most stupid thing I've ever posted. But at least it boosts my total post number!
  12. Le Libertie

    Blurb Word Game

    Hey guys! Looking at the 3 word story game reminded me of a game I used to play when I was in another region. The person above says one word, and the next person must say the first word that pops up in their head. I'll start: Pineapple
  13. Le Libertie

    Le Libertia Citizenship Application

    Application for citizenship What is the name of your nation in the region (as noted above, you must have a nation that will remain in Europeia during the tenure of your citizenship)? Le Libertia What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known by in other NationStates...