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  1. Lloenflys

    Admin Task Thread

    Could this subforum ( be moved to the Grand Hall, or if there is a better place for this information to be stored, whereever it fits best?
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    Admin Task Thread

    With the City Council Act being signed into law, can you move Arnhelm into Roleplay under Games?
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    Welcome to Europeia!
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    Admin Task Thread

    I believe Lloenflys's Gavel is undersandably about to be archived, but I've been intending to revive it and start writing again periodically so I would ask to not have it archived if that is possible. Thanks either way!
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    Admin Task Thread

    Was already done ;)
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    Hello and welcome!
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    Admin Task Thread

    I just realized I don't have the ability to approve Senate Guests in Joinable Groups. Can someone adjust that since I'm the Speaker?
  8. Lloenflys

    Admin Task Thread

    Do I have full Senate Speaker masking? I seem to remember that previously I had the ability to edit pinned threads and thread titles and I don't seem to have that ability right now - can you just let me know if I have the full masking that I should have in order to do that?
  9. Lloenflys

    [Inside Government] Midterm Executive Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    Just ONE PERSON wants to institute the era of Hitchcock … erm, the Dominion of the Birbs …. Erm …. Uhh … the … bright and fluffy happy duckling for everyone in Euro reign of President Lloenflys!?! *one!*
  10. Lloenflys

    Hey Europeia. Are you a magician?

    A fellow old person … (though not as old as Kharn and me) … who is in book publishing … and likes sci fi and fantasy … umm, honoured citizen status immediately for this guy. WE CANNOT LET HIM GO EURO.
  11. Lloenflys

    [At Home in Europeia] A Modest Ornithological Proposal - Volume 5

    A Modest Ornithological Proposal - Volume 5 Opinion of Lloenflys (6/11/2021 – Arnhelm Ornithological Center) It has been over a year since I last files a report on birding expeditions around the world, searching for the birds that are most representative of the friendly faces that make up the...
  12. Lloenflys

    Clerk Account Access

    I need access to the Senate Clerk account again please as Senate Speaker. Looks like the password has been updated since I last had the role.
  13. Lloenflys

    [Inside Government] End of Term Senate Satisfaction Poll Analysis

    Maybe they want to see ... *President Panda*
  14. Lloenflys

    Althys for Citizenship

    Oh hello there!
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    I can say I was there when @Darkslayer got roasted by this dude. This makes this whole thing worthwhile in a weird sort of way ...
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    I was wondering the same thing Prim lol
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    I suspect this region might not be .... attuned to your beliefs if you're anti-gay. You have a right to believe whatever you'd like to believe, but this region is a very accepting one and has a lot of LGBTQ+ members, so you probably won't be happy here if that's your view. That said, I hope...
  18. Lloenflys

    EBC Poll: Euro Approves of Inter-Regional Chat

    I’d be interested in finding out what the person that saw me as inflexible about was paying attention to - if it was the IRC I suspect today’s vote might change their mind about my flexibility on that issue. If it was the Contempt of Senate issue, guilty as charged. I guess I don’t see...
  19. Lloenflys

    Opinion: Senate Seeking to Sharpen Oversight Claws with Unprecedented Power Grab

    They either exist by implication (come on Judiciary, start issuing subpoenas, let’s get this party started!!), or I guess it is a provision with no effect until and unless subpoena power is granted ...
  20. Lloenflys

    Opinion: Senate Seeking to Sharpen Oversight Claws with Unprecedented Power Grab

    I don’t want to get into a long philosophical discussion here because only a small number of us would be interested in it I think, but I will say I would agree with your point in the final paragraph here *if* the Senate had subpoena power. In our legal system that concept doesn’t exist, and as I...