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  1. Prim

    Isjaki application

    Welcome! :)
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    Hey hey, welcome! :)
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    Geektopia's Europeian Citizenship Application

    Hey hey, welcome! :)
  4. Prim

    USAML Citizenship

    Howdy, welcome! Just a friendly reminder, you do need to keep your citizenship nation in the region, I noticed you departed.
  5. Prim

    [Satirical Corners]A New Pandemic Cripples Europeia

    "Oh, it's out there, Jerry! Waiting around the next corner, BAM, ready to sink its teeth into me like a pastrami on rye.... hmmm.... you had lunch yet?" [jazzy transition synths]
  6. Prim

    Empire of Empires citizenship application

    We had a rash of newcomers a long while back who titled their cit apps "Prestige Citizen Application" -- Because the "How to Apply for Citizenship" dispatch had that as its example application. Since then, we've made a new dispatch to reflect Xenforo -- guess what the example application title...
  7. Prim

    Hunorszag Citizenship Application

    This nation left the region shortly after gaining citizenship. @zoltan -- you need to keep a nation in this region in order to maintain citizenship.
  8. Prim

    [Inside Government] Mid-term Senate Satisfaction Poll Results and Analysis

    JayDee is not accused of anything, he is not defending himself. An AO is not a criminal case nor a judicial review of someone's actions. He is an interested party submitting a brief on an interpretation question in front of the Court.
  9. Prim

    [Beyond the Borders] Lily Raid Ends Sixteen Year Delegacy Streak

    "We don't need any stinkin' raiders! What do you think this is, a RAID!?" Yeah, I mean, Mikeswill can say what he wants, but this wasn't a classy move all around.
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    Hey hey :)
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    Administrative Ban: Augustus Kolowrat

    Not for long, once discovered. Admin team is swift with that hammer of justice.
  12. Prim

    Hello, Europeia!

    Where were you in 2004? What regions?
  13. Prim

    Clerk Account Access

    Could I get Access to the Senate Clerk account? And I'm not sure if this is allowed, but could I also request Senate Clerk access for Malashaan as well?
  14. Prim

    Central Saevus Citizenship Application

    Howdy welcome :) Glad to see you make the hop to the forum!
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    Quartzinne Citizenship Application

    Howdy welcome! :)
  16. Prim

    [Inside Government] End-of-term Senate Satisfaction Polling Analysis

    Wow, what a hot steaming pile of opinion right there. What a weird shot at Aex, Balder, and Europeia at the same time. I'd like to think that this commenter thinks more highly of Europeians than to buy this bunch of BS, but I don't know. Whoever this is, peddle your bias somewhere else.
  17. Prim

    Statement on Olde Delaware

    Indeed, technological primitivism is looking pretty good in the era of OANN and QAnon
  18. Prim

    Krezenel Citizenship Request

    Howdy welcome :)