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    hello and welcome!
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    Forum Renamings

    Hello friends! As many know, we on the admin team like to rename forums in honor of those who receive Ovations and Triumphs. We are a bit behind the curve on some of these, in part because they involve two of our own. Today we have made the following changes: The Written Product Gallery has...
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    Administrative Ban: Chewie

    Everyone — The North Pacific recently brought to the attention of the admin team that Chewie, aka Ian brandon, a member of our Discord and forum, has permitted minors to access NSFW content. We have reviewed the evidence from TNP and collectively made the decision to ban Chewie from all...
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    We had a lot of older members returned due to COVID-19 and existing members were definitely more active. We also had a population boom from a YouTuber featuring NS back in April that saw us surpass 2000 nations for awhile. Things have normalized a bit since summer ended.
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    The Constitutional Monarchy of Canterli

    but what if i want grapes
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    Admin Task Thread

    Both done. @Josi I can't access the spreadsheet at work but will do later if no one beats me to it.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Note to mask @Madeline Norfolk and @Xecrio as deputy ministers for radio when Cabinet stuff happens.
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    Admin Task Thread

    I have accepted this citizenship application:
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    Application for Citizenship: John Laurens-Wessex

    The citizenship granting process is not a democracy, and I can't grant it to only those I like and deny it to those I don't. In fact, from the Citizenship Act: One could make the argument that (v) may apply in this situation, but, after weighing the history of John Laurens (a.k.a. Constie) in...
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    Admin Task Thread

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    Comfed’s Citizenship Application

    Hello! What made you want to join us?
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    Penguin Palace / Titanne Citizenship

    Hello and welcome!
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    I'm Cheems

    Hello and welcome! I'm sorry to hear that you're also Dark - we don't really want another one. :/
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    Admin Task Thread
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    Admin Task Thread

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    Naval Ship Runnoff