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  1. Darcness

    Forum Downtime

    The host machine needs a reboot for maintenance. Downtime will start at approximately 00:00 PDT on 12 Sep, and I don't anticipate it lasting longer than 10 minutes.
  2. Darcness

    Forum Rename

    Traditionally, those who have received an Ovation or Triumph find themselves immortalized with their name emblazoned upon one of our subforums. Tradition also demands that we honor the individual as best as we are able, and so we have really. taken. our. time. with. this. one. Sopo has served...
  3. Darcness

    Darcness' Development Task List

    This is the list of stuff I'm working on. These things will be listed in no particular order, and will be accomplished as the stars (my interest, regional need, my time, and random inspiration) align. TO DO Get the Cabinet and Council separated in the Government Header. Figure out a good way...
  4. Darcness

    Official Forum Announcement

    This announcement is to serve as notice that all forum-based activities are now transferred to this forum, located at, for all purposes administrative and RP legal, for the region of Europeia. Signed, The Administrative Team EDIT: Corrected the URL.
  5. Darcness

    Discord Policy

    All: Since we started our Discord server, we have allowed immediate access to Eurochat and many of our other channels to anyone with the invitation link. Given that we widely distribute that link, this essentially means that anyone can join and begin interacting with out community at any time...
  6. Darcness

    Fireside Chat with Ervald

    [hr][hr]Fireside Chat with Ervald Written by Darcness [hr][hr] (Europeia - April 30, 2018) Ervald, the current Minister of World Assembly Affairs, believes that Europeia is a place with many opportunities. In fact, he's been taking advantage of some of these opportunities himself lately, and...
  7. Darcness

    Europeia Nightly News: Wednesday Edition

    [hr][hr]Europeia Nightly News: Wednesday Edition Written by United Vietussia [hr][hr] (Europeia - April 4, 2018) - On Monday, President HEM released a statement condemning logs originating from comments in The Roman Empire from Emperor Plagentine and Legatus Festavo. (The EBC would like to note...
  8. Darcness

    Europeia Nightly News: Special Saturday Edition

    [hr][hr]Europeia Nightly News: Special Saturday Edition Written by Darcness [hr][hr] Hello, I'm Darcness, and this is Europeia Nightly News with a very special Saturday Edition. Europeia Inc. CEO HEM today announced the creation of the brilliant Europeian Account program, a system to allow each...
  9. Darcness

    Europeia Nightly News: Wednesday Edition

    [hr][hr]Europeia Nightly News: Wednesday Edition Written by Darcness [hr][hr] (Europeia - March 28, 2018) - President HEM announced the dismantling of the Civil Service (CSO) on the ninth anniversary of its creation. A central location for newcomers to apply for service in the Executive, the CSO...
  10. Darcness

    Europeia Nightly News: Monday Edition

    [hr][hr]Europeia Nightly News: Monday Edition Written by Darcness [hr][hr] With the election of President HEM and Vice President Sopo to the Goldenblock, a whirlwind of change has swept through the Executive. All of the lower levels of the executive branch have been laid off, with the Assistant...
  11. Darcness

    EBC Radio talks Game-Created Regions

    [hr][hr] EBC Radio talks Game-Created Regions By Darcness [hr][hr] (Europeia - July 14, 2017) EBC Radio recently had the chance to sit down with Griffin of Orisis and Davelands of The West Pacific (TWP) to talk about Game-Created Regions (GCRs). Topics range from the sense of community that...
  12. Darcness

    CAIN records page

    I'm getting an error when I visit the CAIN records page. It just says 'error'.
  13. Darcness

    Spam Zone

    I'd like to see the Spam Zone given a bit of a facelift. Can we rename it to 'Spam Games' and pull it out of the Culture Hub into it's own front page forum in the Red Light District? We have a problem with the Cultural Hub in that it is too easy to ignore. The constant 'unread' state of the...
  14. Darcness

    In and Out don't work?

    Whenever I preview a reply of a topic, [.in] and [.out] don't seem to be working. They work fine once it is posted, though. Speaking of which, why are In and Out tags no longer listed as buttons in the edit post window?