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  1. Lethen

    Current Policy - Nation Changes

    Per Section 9, Clause (ii) of the Citizenship Act (2018) below, I hereby define the current procedures for nation change petition. Any citizen who wishes to change their listed nation in the region must do so by posting the new nation along with the request for change in their most recent...
  2. Lethen

    Signature Size Policy

    Signature size policy and recommendations [hr] The administrative team has adopted the following policies and recommendations regarding forum signatures Size limits Current forum policy limits both the maximum height and maximum width of signatures. Because the skins of our forum are...
  3. Lethen

    Leaving one's legacy

    As is tradition when someone receives an Ovation, the Administrative Team has met amongst ourselves to find a suitable subforum to be Calvin Coolidge's namesake. We bandied around a few ideas, but settled on the Calvin Coolidge Center for Education & Mentoring. Calvin has served in many roles...
  4. Lethen

    Administrative Ban - Pieter Fitzherbert

    Hello everyone, Not long after Pieter Fitzherbert lost his citizenship due to no nation in the region, the Admin Team was approached with concerning information. Pieter is, in fact, an underage forum user and is thus violating the terms of COPPA that our forums adhere too. Our policy for COPPA...
  5. Lethen

    Forum renamings

    After much discussion, the Administrative Team has renamed two forums in accordance with our ongoing tradition of naming sub- or main-page forums after those honored. We have chosen to rename the Deposity of Legal Knowledge and Practice to the Drecq Depository of Legal Knowledge and Practice...
  6. Lethen

    Citizenship & Senate elections

    There isn't one. :ph43r: But if you see your nation is in red on this list, please: - revive your nation; or - reapply for citizenship with a new nation (the last day I can waive your application before Senate polls open is February 26th) I decided to clean up the Citizen Registry before...
  7. Lethen

    Oh where, oh where, has my little nation gone?

    As per usual, I'm updating things in preparation for the Presidential elections. Polls open Friday January 27th, and I'm trying to give people who are not meeting the "nation" requirement some time to re-apply so they have a chance to vote in those upcoming elections. The election schedules...
  8. Lethen

    Is your nation in the region?

    Hello everyone! I just did a preliminary citizenship update for the elections in a few weeks. Check here; if your nation is in red, you must move the nation back or replace it. Either way, you will need to apply for citizenship again - do not contact me over Discord or PM about this, simply fill...
  9. Lethen

    No nation equals "yes" problem

    Hello everyone, another term is coming to a close so we have another Presidential election upon us! With elections come citizenship checks. If you're account name is listed below, you don't have a nation in the region (see here) and I've moved you to the "Non-voting members" group. To rectify...
  10. Lethen

    Where is your nation in the region?

    Sorry for the shorter notice than last time (and my even poorer customer service skils :emb: :wink: ), but if you check the Citizenship Registry and your nation in the region is in red, then you don't have citizenship. Fix that and re-apply, and I should be able to process your application...
  11. Lethen

    Is your nation in the region?

    Hey all! If your name is on the list below, then your nation in the region - or at least the nation you had listed on the Google Spreadsheet - is dead or no longer in Europeia. You simply need to re-apply for citizenship, and I'll do my utmost to process your application before voting opens...
  12. Lethen

    No nation in the region?

    Hey kiddos, doing the usual citizenship checks before our Presidential elections - very exciting stuff, I know! With elections next Friday, I'm going to set Wednesday as the cut-off to re-apply for citizenship if your nation is listed below. Since this is also always a problem, remember that you...
  13. Lethen

    No nation in the region? No problem!

    If you're on the list below, your nation in the region is either dead or not in the region. I've moved you to the non-voting mask, and you have to re-apply for citizenship (with a living nation in the region :P ) if you want to vote in the elections next week. I'll be doing a final check on...
  14. Lethen

    Formal Announcement

    Ladies and Gentlemen of Europeia, On September 19th, 2015, then-President Writinglegend gave a speech outlining why current President Kraketopia, then Grand Admiral, deserved to be given a Triumph for his service to the Republic. Less than two days later, the Senate approved this...
  15. Lethen

    Update on citizenships

    I'll be processing the Google Spreadsheet (click) sometime between tomorrow and Wednesday, so if you lose citizenship you'll have plenty of time to re-apply before polls open. I'll probably update this thread with the names of those that need to re-apply, as well. :gentleman:
  16. Lethen

    Formal Announcement

    The Oval Office has been renamed in accordance with our tradition of naming subforums and (at times) main-page forums after those that have received Ovations for their service to Europeia. The Oval Office has been re-christened the Pope Lexus X Oval Office in honor of Lexus' work as President...
  17. Lethen

    Nations in the region

    Doing the citizenship update as a lead-up for our Presidential election on September 25th. Here are the people who have no nation listed in the region, and need to re-apply for citizenship. You have until September 23rd (I will be busy Thursday, and won't be around that weekend) to re-apply so...
  18. Lethen

    Nations in the region

    Doing the citizenship update as a lead-up for our Presidential election. Here are the people who have no nation listed in the region, and need to re-apply for citizenship. You have until the 14th (I'd prefer sooner obviously) to re-apply so you can vote in the elections. I'll do checks once...
  19. Lethen


    Surely we've had more constitutional conventions than just one already. Since we've had 5 constitutions :P
  20. Lethen

    Nations in the region (For all current citizens)

    Hey all! It's that time again to do activity and nation checks before the Presidential elections! Anyone who neither meets the activity requirement nor has a nation in the region has lost their citizenship, and anyone that hasn't met the activity requirement has been bumped down to the...