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  1. Lethen

    Application for Citizenship - Malrev

    Ahoy and welcome!
  2. Lethen

    Application of Citizenship (Because my citizenship expired recently)

    Application waived, welcome back
  3. Lethen

    Application for Citizenship - New Canavia

    I'll likely process the application tonight
  4. Lethen

    Citizenship Application - Theoden

    Welcome back! Hello EDIT: Application waived
  5. Lethen

    Citizenship Application - Crushita

    Oh welcome back! EDIT: Application waived
  6. Lethen

    Hi y'all!

    You'll be a citizen later today (once I process your application after work), but it's great timing. Our Culture Ministry is organizing EuroPride 2020, and that should be starting soon
  7. Lethen

    Long Time No See

    It was quite the innovation at the time.
  8. Lethen

    hc of hem vs election administrator

    Have you met my boss? Very poor management; I'm forced to act the way I am because of the dangerous work environment.
  9. Lethen

    Long Time No See

    The sun rises and sets on the Lethen Empire
  10. Lethen

    Hi y'all!

    That's great to hear! Yea, you get a million and one telegrams. Sometimes I'll create puppets, and they get hit with so many within ten minutes. And that's really heartening to hear. We pride ourselves on being a very LGBTQ+ community that is all about inclusivity
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  12. Lethen

    Darktow Application For Citizenship

  13. Lethen

    Apocryphus - Application for Citizenship

  14. Lethen

    Application for Citizenship

    Waived, welcome back
  15. Lethen

    Image Repository Request

    Can they be any larger? :P
  16. Lethen

    hc of hem vs election administrator

    I had nothing to do with this!
  17. Lethen

    Admin Task Thread

    Or just leave them where they are? Wild idea, I know.
  18. Lethen

    Long Time No See

    What up thug
  19. Lethen

    Hi y'all!

    Welcome! What made you decide to join us?