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  1. cookiespaigentland

    Europeia's Weekly Update - February 22 2020

    Europeia's Weekly Update February 22 2020 Written by cookiespaigentland Referendum Debate + Vote: Executive Order Scope Amendment Veto On Saturday 15 February, a debate on the Chief of State's veto of the Executive Order Scope Amendment was triggered - the debate period lasted 72 hours. 72...
  2. cookiespaigentland

    [At Home In Europeia] Getting Stuck In - Participating More In Europeia

    Getting Stuck In Participating More in Europeia Written by Cookiespaigentland It was a cold December day, just five days after Christmas, when I first entered the Europeian forums. I quickly made an account and applied for citizenship, before exploring every part of the region: from the law, to...
  3. cookiespaigentland

    [At Home In Europeia] Community Development Goals - Radio Review

    Community Development Goals Radio Review Written by Cookiespaigentland On January 12, a Town Hall Meeting was held. This eventful radio event was moderated by the Minister of Radio Cuddles, and featured Chief of State HEM and First Minister Calvin Coolidge. The EBC has provided an overview of...
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  5. cookiespaigentland

    cookiespaigent's Introduction

    Hey there! I'm cookiespaigent and I'm new to Europeia. I'm so happy to have joined this amazing region and can't wait to see what happens! Get to know me: Fav animal: dogs! Fav food: hard one.. but probably pizza Fav colour: probably purple or red! If you have any other questions or wanna...
  6. cookiespaigentland

    Application for citizenship - cookiespaigentland

    Application for Citizenship This is a legal document. You affirm that your responses are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. What is the name of your nation in the region (you must have a nation that will remain in Europeia during the tenure of your citizenship)? Paigentland...