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    Reaction Score Farm

    Like the post above yours and then make a post of your own, boost those scores baby!
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    The Ping Pyramid

    So on the new forms you can quote a post and it will drop a notification. Now I’m a lonely guy so if I see a notification on the forms it makes me happy. So just hit reply to this post and let’s see how far we can keep this going post over post.
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    We need to reinstate pins here

    The important spam could easily get buried under less important things.
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    Midterm Executive Poll

    [hr][hr]Midterm Executive Poll Results Partially Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] Per Popular demand, I have decided to share the results of the midterm poll while we wait for Rach to send her write up of the results. At that time this article will be replaced by the full analysis. Link:Results
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    Europeia Appoints New Delegate

    [hr][hr]Europeia Appoints New Delegate Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] (Europeia - June 12, 2018) - Last Week, following the resignation of former World Assembly Delegate Aexnidaral Seymour, the President nominated and the Senate confirmed Ervald as the new delegate. Currently, the region is...
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    Private Media Article leads Culture Minister to Resign

    [hr][hr]Private Media Article leads Culture Minister to Resign Staff Report [hr][hr] (Europeia - June 26, 2018) - The evening of June 25, at 11:02 p.m. EST an independent media outlet, by the name of The Panda's Pen, published an article written by an anonymous author concerning a third party...
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    Opinion:Junior Minister Program Moves in Right Direction

    [hr][hr]Opinion: Junior Minister Program Moves in Right Direction Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] Last week a small but relatively significant change was announced to the Junior Minister Program in Foreign Affairs Roll Call by Minister Aexnidaral Seymour. From this point forward, being a JM in...
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    Opinion:President HEM's Unique Approach to Ministers Necessitates Confirmation Changes

    [hr][hr]Opinion:President HEM's Unique Approach to Ministers Necessitates Confirmation Changes Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] If you've been paying attention to the Senate's confirmation process you may have noticed that it is a bit different this term. For the most part, confirmations have...
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    Justice Darcness and Attorney General Drecq Confirmed

    [hr][hr]Justice Darcness and Attorney General Drecq Confirmed Senate Breaks Record Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] (Europeia - February 8th, 2018) - On February 5th, long serving Justice Skizzy Grey resigned from the High Court of Europeia citing a decrease in his availability. This of course...
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    President Rach Signs WA Reform Into Law

    [hr][hr]President Rach Signs WA Reform Into Law Delegate Aexnidaral Reconfirmed Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] (Europeia - January 2, 2018) - Last Sunday President Rach signed the World Assembly Act (2017) into law. This ended a month long journey for the proposed reforms. The journey began on...
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    CA Three Way

    [hr][hr]CA Three Way A Summary of Upcoming Chair Election Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] (Europeia - November 29, 2017) - Standing for the 46th Citizens' Assembly (CA) Chair elections opened Saturday, November 25. Current Chairman Vlaska almost immediately announced that he would not seek...
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    Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

    [hr][hr]Slow and Steady Wins the Race? Examining Newcomer Presidential Tickets Written by GraVandius [hr][hr] Over the course of my Europeian career and especially in the past presidential election, I've always asserted that running for president as a newcomer is a good thing. I argued that the...
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    The State Of the States

    [hr][hr]The State of the States Examining Why They Have Failed. GraVandius [hr][hr] The States program is currently dead. Saxonia (formerly State B) was the first to set up a governmental system. In less than a week after the kickoff on June 24th, Saxiona had set up a full fledged parliamentary...
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    GraVandius will return to Lurking

    Application for citizenship What is the name of your nation in the region (as noted above, you must have a nation that will remain in Europeia during the tenure of your citizenship)?GraVandius What other names or aliases have you been or are you currently known by in other NationStates regions...
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    The Naming Game II

    In Light of my GraVe Dig (ha!). This is how this will work: Person Above you: Name You: Description Another Name I'll Start out with HEM
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    Newcomer of the Month Contest

    Welcome to our revived Newcomer of the Month event. I'm excited that after a few attempts to revive this, it has finally been accomplished. If you're interested, please read the explanation and rules below. Competition: To compete for the title of Newcomer of the Month, you first need to...
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    Hunger Games XII

    I can't Host but is there any interest in doing one again?
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    Updateing Day to Day Through VII
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    This is me introducing myself