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    Admin Task Thread

    Please archive the Theme Weeks subforum
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    Euro Survivor: New Beginnings Signups

    Join the Survivor Discord! After a one year hiatus, Survivor is returning with an all-new installment. I have successfully ran several seasons of a Survivor RP here in Europeia and have accumulated tons of experience to make this the most enjoyable and successful season yet. I am officially...
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    [EBC Radio] Senate Candidate Interviews Series

    I wanted to compile all of our interviews in an individual thread to spark some pre-election discussion and to give some props to @Lime and our radio staff for pumping these out in a short time period! Like most of our shows published these term, we are aware of audience time constraints and...
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    [EBC Radio] Senate Candidate Interviews Series

    EBC RADIO PRESENTS... SPOTIFY | BROWSER Interviewing Senate Candidates Lime McEntire Gorundu Prov Cove Dr Shadow Peeps Minister of Radio Lime sits down with Senatorial candidates to discuss the major issues of the race. Edited by: Lime
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    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    It was also mentioned in our newsletter dispatch, which was telegrammed to all nations in Europeia. Last week was focused on implementation. This upcoming week is focused on promotion, per weekly objectives that are being posted in Tomlinson. Our goal was to develop a base before we branch it out.
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    [Interview] ERN’s Penguin Sailor

    What an excellent interview!!!
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    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    Goodnight, Europeia V Volume V, Entry II Writinglegend's Presidential Diary Written by Writinglegend ୧༼ಠ益▀ ༽୨ ARRRR PIRATE DECK OR WALK THE PLANK ୧༼ಠ益▀ ༽୨ Hi mateys. I just wanted to provide an update here! I have not written much in the presidential diary thus far into the term...
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    [Beyond the Borders] Pax Polaris Occidens Signed

    Pax Polaris Occidens Signed The North Pacific, the Pacific, and the West Pacific Sign A Treaty, Logical Continuation of Joint Statement Written by Seva and Writinglegend Edited by Dracondra and Pland Adanna On July 2, Xoriet posted a treaty announcement in the gameplay forum embassy of the...
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    [Beyond the Borders] Operation Ragnarok Exposed

    OPERATION RAGNAROK EXPOSED BoM subversion in the sinkers uncovered! Written by Quebecshire EBC NOTE: This article was re-published in the Europeian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) with the express permission of Quebecshire. The article was originally published on the NationStates Gameplay...
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    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    Sounds like a good recruitment incentive.
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    [EBC Exclusive] Goodnight, Europeia III

    Goodnight, Europeia V Volume V, Entry I Writinglegend's Presidential Diary Written by Writinglegend We'reeeeeee back!!!! The Cabinet is up and running with their week one goals. We are asynchronously hosting our content calendar meetings in order to fill out the executive calendars for the...
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    [EBC POLL] President Writinglegend Flying High, Cruising to Re-Election

    I believe the reason they were included in this poll was because it is a senate confirmed position that has historical precedent of being included in these polls. Certainly an argument can be made that there is no benefit to this, and we should seek alternative routes such as only including...
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    Military Times Editorial: Gleg stands alone, Kuramia the choice for third term as GA

    Thank you to the Military Times for the endorsement. The ERN is near-and-dear to me. To see how active and transformative it is today warms my heart. Our Defender Olympics success was one of the highest highs of the last term!