Retired <br> <div class="spoiler_toggle">Extended list of positions held</div> <div class="spoiler" style="display:none;">[/size]Retired from all positions as of 15/9/13<br><br>Former Forum Administrator, 8/2/12 to 15/9/13<br>Former President, 1 term<br>Former Senior Ambassador, Europeian Foreign Service<br>Former Vice Admiral, Europeian Republican Navy, 28/7/12-24/3/13<br>Former Chief Justice, 27/5/11 to 5/7/11, 8/12/12 to 12/1/13<br>Former Associate Justice, 27/2/11 to 5/7/11, 8/4/12 to 8/12/12, 21/6/13 to 15/9/13<br>Former Primus Inter Pares, 2/5/12 to 8/12/12<br>Former Chairman of the Citizens' Assembly, 1 term<br>Former Mayor of the City Council, 1 term<br>Former Dean of the EuroUniversity, 21/9/09 to 7/2/12<br>Senator of the Year, 2010 Europeian Achievement Awards<br>Former Vice Chancellor<br>Former Vice President-designate<br>Former World Assembly Delegate, 1 term<br>Former Grand Admiral, 3 terms<br>Former Minister for Foreign Affairs, 1 term<br>Former Minister of Citizen Integration, 2 terms<br>Former Speaker of the Senate, 3 terms<br>Former Senator, 8 terms<br>Former Cabinet Secretary, 1 term<br>Former Chief of Staff, 1 term<br>Member of the Europeian Bar Association<br></div> <div class="spoiler_toggle">Extended list of awards and honours</div> <div class="spoiler" style="display:none;"><br><br><em>not displayed</em><br><br>First Welcoming Star, 20th September 2011<br>Fourth Welcoming Star, 11th January 2012<br><br><em>In order as displayed above</em><br><br>Ovation, nominated 23rd July 2013, confirmed 24th July 2013<br>Order of Republica, 23rd July 2013<br>Order of Dedication, 15th March 2010<br>Order of Dedication, 9th October 2012<br>Order of Service to Europeia, 2nd March 2012<br>Order of Courage, 24th February 2011<br>Order of Senatia, 27th April 2012<br>Order of Senatia, 7th October 2010<br>Order of the Bronze Star, 7th October 2010<br>Order of the Olive Branch, 29th October 2010<br>Order of the Community, Fourth Class, 24th February 2011<br>Order of Welcoming, Third Class, 23rd July 2013<br>Medal of Education, 22nd January 2010<br>Order of 6U (Dean), 5th July 2011<br>Checkmark of Astounding Accomplishment, 23rd February 2010<br><br></div>