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    Citizen me

    This is the easy way. Please.
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    Citizen me please

    Already a citizen, as established. Thanks.
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    Opinion: Coalition for Irresponsible Politics

    I'm upfront about what I am. :gentleman:
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    Opinion: Coalition for Irresponsible Politics

    Oh I know I'm double posting, but I'm going to say that I hope those involved behind the scenes with this level of hidden toxic nature never get honoured citizenship here.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Hello I tried to create a poll in the grand hall for the Presidential Commission on Emoji Modernization as HEM has asked me to do this. Unfortunately I cannot. Please can this be fixed so I can get on with my productive work? Thanks.
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    Modernizing the Euro forums

    We have some custom emojis in our little server setup going, including a Euro flag and whatnot. Any chance we can look into modernizing those to include our native Discord emojis? Asking for a friend. Thanks. :euro:
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    Admin Task Thread

    The other religions have to be formatted as well, please.
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    Article submission - attempt 1 [FOR HEMS CONTEST]

    Do you not accept photo essays?
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    Article submission - attempt 1 [FOR HEMS CONTEST]

    Attempt at a submission for a Guest contribution to Thank you for your time and consideration.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Please create subforums in the Religions Row of the Cultural Hub for: Name of organization/place of worship:The Barn Leader (moderator) of forum:Comrade Snowball Subforum description:Home of the cult of Animalism, which preaches that we must build windmills. Name of organization/place of...
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    Looking for a successor

    I do not want it.
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    He does that a lot, and I am optimistic that my friend will come back again. :)