The Venerable OnderKelkia ER ER ED EPS ESE EEQ ESH
Chief Justice of Europeia
Primus Inter Pares

Associate Justice

Under-Secretary of the the Europeian Republican Navy (ERN)

Rear-Admiral of the ERN

Medals displayed above from left to right in order of seniority:

Order of Republica (Bestowed October 2019 with Ovation)
Order of Republica (Bestowed January 2018)
Order of Dedication (Bestowed June 2012)
Order of the Purple Star (Bestowed February 2009)
Order of Service to Europeia (Bestowed February 2015)
Order of Equity (Bestowed December 2014)
Order of Scholarship (Bestowed December 2013)
Emperor Emeritus of The Land of Kings and Emperors (The LKE), King Emeritus of Norwood, Basileus Emeritus of Polis, Grand Prince Emeritus of Niso, Prince Emeritus of Maxonberg, Autokrator Emeritus of The Land of Dragonia, Landgrave Emeritus of Munster, Emeritus Voivode and Hospodar of Moldavia and Doge Emeritus of Vienna

Vice Delegate and Crown Prince of Balder

Balder Chief of Defence

Archduke, The New Inquisition (TNI)

Viscount, Great Britain and Ireland (GB&I)


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