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    EBC Poll: Bar Association on a Knife's Edge

    Terms limits is a pretty tiny thing to vote no on.
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    Admin Task Thread

    Upon Calvin's term on the Court expiring on the 6th could he be demasked as Justice, and per the Senate's confirmation could Pierce be masked Justice please. Thank you!
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    EBC Poll: Only ⅓ Satisfied With Current Senate Field

    I do find the gap between people who approve of Prim's platform and approve of my platform a little weird considering we both essentially have the exact same platform lol. Especially seeing as mine is arguably slightly more in-depth than Prim's since I did at least briefly mention some...
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    Freefall in Delegate Endorsements

    What's the graph comparing? Is that regional population to WA endorsements? Just on the article itself, there has been a fairly sharp decline in WA endorsements in the region in general I think. Just with nations CTE, leaving the region and the collapse of our manual recruitment. Unfortunately...
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    The Hot 5 - Week of April 3

    A great idea! I look forward to seeing the regular updates. Nice analysis from you both and interesting picks! Probably not the picks I'd have made but still interesting to hear your reasoning behind them.
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    Clerk Account Access

    Can I get Senate Clerk access please? Thanks in advance!
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    Admin Task Thread

    Hey! The Senate has now confirmed the President's nominees, so could the following be masked please? Minister without Portfolio - @Vor Minister of Interior - @Prim Minister of Culture - @Hezekon Minister of Foreign Affairs - @PhDre Minister of Outreach - @Maowi Minister of World Assembly...
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    Admin Task Thread

    Per my selection as Speaker by the Senate could I be relevantly masked please? Thanks.
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    Update - On RMB Moderation

    Have to say I agree with Comfed here and I think this is a problematic mixing of an IC position with OOC responsibilities. We should have a clear separation between IC/OOC roles and this does more than blur the lines between the two roles but actively forces them together.
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    [SATIRE] Pundits, Citizens In Shock After Unexpected 52-48 Stronghold Victory

    We should arrogantly demand a "people's vote" as if the only result that matters is the one we like!!
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    Gossip, Gossip: Who Will Run For President?

    Spill the tea then!
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    Gossip, Gossip: Who Will Run For President?

    Can't believe Comfed worked out our secret Kura!!!