July 17


Please read this beautiful piece of Europeian literary history (click here, friend)

"All I want to do with my life is sit in an empty lobby" ~ HEM

"I have a hard time putting into words how highly I regard you. More than anyone else in the region you have helped me in Europeia. You always pull me aside and ask me how I'm doing, you remember things about my life, you answer my questions. You helped me feel like I belonged here. Thank you so much for everything that you do." - Anonymous, Europeian Good Vibes Project November 2017

"Lethen, if left to do the things he has been doing since the dawn of Europeia, will suddenly turn evil." - Peeps, essentially. Also Drecq thinks HEM will be at fault if I am evil. Season 15 plotline? Maybe.



  1. 40

    Probably Lethen

    50,000 posts
  2. 30

    A Legend!

    20,000 posts
  3. 25

    One of the Best!

    10,000 posts
  4. 20

    Completed a 5k!

    5,000 posts
  5. 15

    Just Keep Posting...

    2,500 posts
  6. 10

    A Milennium!

    1,000 posts
  7. 8


    500 posts
  8. 5

    Keeps Coming Back!

    250 posts
  9. 3

    Getting Involved!

    100 posts
  10. 2

    You stayed!

    30 posts
  11. 1


    1 post