September 18
British Columbia, Canada


The Rt. Hon. Forilian ED SS SS GPA SPA BMA EJT OoA

Former Senator x2.5
Former Vice President
Former Senate Speaker
Former Grand Admiral of the Europeian Republican Navy
Former Attorney General
Former Minister of Communications
Former Deputy Minister x12
Former Mayor of Arnhelm x2
Commodore in the Europeian Republican Navy
Member of the Europeian Bar Association
Senator of the 75th & 78th & 91st Senates (2020/08/29-2020/11/07; 2021/03/27-2021/06/05; 2023/11/07-2023/12/02)
Attorney General of Europeia (2023/08/21-2023/11/01)
Vice President of Europeia (2023/06/10-2023/08/19)
Grand Admiral of the Europeian Republican Navy (2023/04/04-2023/06/10)
Deputy Minister for Recruitment [Minister of Interior] (2022/11/19-2023/04/01)
1st (and only) Election Commissioner of Arnhelm (2020/11/22-2021/07/21)
Deputy Minister of Cards & NASPAQ Director [Ministry of Culture] (2021/02/25-2021/07/10)
79th Speaker of the Senate (2021/04/29-2021/06/05)
Deputy Minister for Culture (2020/10/09-2021/02/25)
Minister of Communications (2020/10/06-2020/10/28)
Deputy Minister for Event Planning [Ministry of Culture] (2020/07/31-2020/10/03)
Deputy Minister for UpvoteSquad [Ministry of Communicatons](2020/07/29-2020/10/03)
Deputy Minister for World Assembly Affairs (2020/07/29-2020/10/03)
Deputy Minister for Integration [Ministry of Interior] (2020/06/25-2020/10/03)
Managing Director for Inside Government [Ministry of Communications] (2020/06/24-2020/10/03)
6th and 8th Mayor of Arnhelm (2020/06/02-2020/07/02; 2020/08/02-2020/09/02)
Deputy Councillor for Pokemon Euro [Council of World Assembly Affairs] (2020/07/02-2020/07/25)
Junior Deputy Minister of Festivals and Cultural Events [Ministry of Culture] (2020/06/24-2020/07/25)

From left to right:
Silver Pen, Granted by Minister of Communications Hezekon (2020/06/19)
Golden Pen, Granted by Minister of Communications Astrellan (2020/07/22)
Order of Dedication, Granted by President Sopo (2020/09/03)
Order of Jupiter, Granted by Minister of World Assembly Affairs SkyGreen24 (2020/09/29)
Sapphire Star, Granted by Vice President Monkey (2020/10/02)
Order of Arnhelm, Granted by Mayor Bronyleader (2020/12/01)
Sapphire Star, Granted by Vice President Kuramia (2023/03/29)
Bronze Mic Award, Granted by Minister for Radio JayDee (2023/07/16)
Praefaectus Viligum Die, Granted by Grand Admiral Peeps (2020/10/01)
Legatus, Granted by Grand Admiral Peeps (2020/10/01)
Praefectus Vigilum Noctu, Granted by Grand Admiral Istillian (2023/03/30)

Author of GA#501


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