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    ENN April Presidential Debate Liveblog

    That was not a serious response, me and the other folks I was replying to was satirizing the debate on this thread:
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    ENN April Presidential Debate Liveblog

    Regardless of whether this one joke liveblog foreshadows the downfall of our region, I don't think the LethoMonarchy Media Center is an appropriate place for this. We've had satirical liveblogs in the past, and they've all been in the purgatory that we call Discord (or later moved there :p )
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    On the Revitalization of Raiderdom and Europeia's Place in the Modern Gameplay Polychotomy

    @Kuramia, we gotta use this Avatar theme for ERN marketing.
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    Frontrunners But Not Field Clearers: Presidential Poll Results

    11 people want me to be Vice President. I am open to it 😎
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    Thank you so much! And I did get a good grade, no worries. xD
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    No problem at all! It never hurts for us as a region to have conversations like these, especially in these trying times.
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    My apologies for that mistake! But it sounds like it was easier to google for NationStates compared to now.
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    I was hoping maybe this article would spur a conversation about our integration methods so I guess I'll take a stab with my own observations. 1. Peeps and I had a brief conversation about this on Discord yesterday and he commented that the citizenship application could seem daunting, especially...
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    [Special Report] An Intangible Nation

    An Intangible Nation My Discourse Community Essay on Europeia Written by Ervald Disclaimer: This article was originally written as an essay for an English Composition class I took over the summer. It was aimed for an audience not familiar with NationStates. The following quotes below are...
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    Create a Grand Hall forum for legislative petitions

    I am ashamed to admit, neither did I. But in fairness, I was not expecting to find it in the Constitution and I spent a lot of time digging through other Acts for it.
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    [Inside Government] July 2021 End-of-Term Executive Poll Results and Analysis

    The only presidents who have achieved big changes were the ones that resigned or were banned. /s in all seriousness, I think presidents who promised big changes managed to achieve *some* of their proposed big changes but not all of their big proposals. Some people see that as a failure on their...
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    July Presidential Election Platform Poll

    I didn't select Culture as the ministry in the most "trouble" but the reason could be is we had a recent discussion thread where some people even wondered about if it should be doing what it is supposed to do and perhaps, leave some of the organizing efforts for cultural events/games to people...
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    President Kazaman Is Falling Behind: Poll Analysis

    I legit thought Loki's helmet in that picture was a golden hearing aid for a moment.
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    Don't Let Bad Faith Actors into EuroPride

    Not only this, but I also agree with HEM. I am not necessarily opposed to the idea of waiving the PNG status for certain individuals who wish to attend festivals of ours but it should be a high bar. And I do not believe Cormac and Bowzin have risen to that bar.
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    [A Little Legalese] Public Elections Poll Analysis

    Some very surprising results in here, imo.