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    Application for Citizenship: John Laurens-Wessex

    The main part I got from that, HEM, is that the last time you tried to help him he turned around and burned you. Repaying your attempt to help with badmouthing you in NSGP. Now, I dont know that Constie hasnt changed from the Nazi stuff. And I dont know if hes changed from those times hes...
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    Official Complaint Against the Holy Court of HEM

    Hes MEH's identical cousin.
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    Official Complaint Against Istillian & SEC

    You cant complain against Istillian because they dont exist. After all, they live in Australia, which doesnt exist, so they cant exist.
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    Opening of the Official Congress of Europeia

    I think this Congress business is getting out of hand. We should call in the Congress to control it.
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    Logically Loki for Leader

    I was going to vote for you until this:
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    Sound of Ikherians is Here!

    Russia, obviously.
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    A Reintroduction

    Why would I change perfection? :P
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    A Reintroduction

    Long time no see, Elias. :)
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    Citizenship Application

    Countdown until it turns out Kuramia is also her brother and is dual-wielding citizenships? :P
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    Netz is back!

    Welcome back. :) Long time no see.
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    [A Little Legalese][Opinion] This Is Not Senate Work

    It is a cliche. Doesnt mean its wrong. There are plenty of things that I disagree with that are not wastes of time. The remerge is something I disagree with but its not a waste of time. Its a big thing with a big impact. These things are wastes of time. A thing that the Senate literally passed a...
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    [A Little Legalese][Opinion] This Is Not Senate Work

    I mean, the Senate reached a compromise on private poll results in February. A compromise most people are happy with. And removing the lifetime nature of Honoured Citizenships is an overreaction to a problem that simply doesnt exist. Zombie HCs voting just isnt a thing. And even the guy who...
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    [A Little Legalese][Opinion] This Is Not Senate Work

    Wouldnt that be nice. Senators assume that their being elected means a mandate for every single thing in their platforms, when the reality is that plenty of times they are elected despite opposition to parts of their platforms. Because at the end of the day few of us agree with everything...
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    [A Little Legalese][Opinion] This Is Not Senate Work

    Fair enough. 1 Senator who wanted to abolish Arnhelm and 1 who was openminded about possibly abolishing Arnhelm.
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    [A Little Legalese][Opinion] This Is Not Senate Work

    Yeah, thats bull. Arnhelm is autonomous. So how would the Senate make it more successful or interesting? By restricting it? By forcing it into doing something it doesnt want to do? Its a bad idea because it destracts from the sandbox nature of the Arnhelm RP, which is one of its draws. The two...