Calvin Coolidge

March 21


The Panda's Pen is a newspaper I write.
All hail Swift.
President x3.5
Vice President x4.1
First Minister x1
Vice Chancellor (currently serving)
Minister of Communications x3
Minister of Foreign Affairs x3
Minister of Culture x2
Minister of Interior x5
Minister of Radio x5.5
Grand Admiral x2.5
Attorney General x1
Associate Justice x4.5 (currently serving)
Speaker of the Senate x1.5
Deputy Speaker of the Senate x1
Senator x8.5
Citizens' Assembly Chair x6
Deputy Chair x1
Baron of Bastion (Awarded for Overall Contributions to the Region)
Knight Commander of the Mace (Awarded for Legislative Contributions, formerly Knight Ordinary)
Knight of the Fairy (Awarded for Overall Contributions to the MagentaFairy)
Arch-Mage (Third-in-Command, behind only the Crown)
Grand Council Member x7
Speaker of the Lower Council x1
Deputy Speaker of the Lower Council x1
Knight Cultural x2
Knight Interior x1
Chief Bard (Roleplay Manager) x1
High Chancellor of Silverpine x1
Writer (May-September 2020)
Governor x1



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